How Using Alternative R 22 Refrigerant May Affect The Performance Of A Window Air Conditioner Unit

In the year 2020, the refrigerant commonly called Freon will not be available any longer. That is because it was discovered years ago that it was helping to contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer. This is the layer of our atmosphere which plays the vital role of preventing harmful ultraviolet radiation from getting to the surface in large quantities. It was first noticed in satellite imagery that was able to detect it in the upper layers of the atmosphere. The hole was quite large, covering an area that was literally the size of Antarctica, and was slated to get bigger unless something was done. Scientist discovered that Freon, which is technically a hydrochlorofluorocarbon, was causing the problem. It was the chlorine element within this chemical that was causing ozone to dissipate. Therefore, alternatives became the priority, and many were made ready for production. There are many people that worry about the negative effects of switching over to a completely different type of coolant. In particular, people that have window air conditioning units are wondering. The following information will show you whether or not using the new types of Freon will be just as good, or if they will be lacking, when it comes to producing cold air that keeps a house cool during the warm summer months.

Replacements For Freon

R-134A was developed shortly after these claims were made by the scientists that discovered the ozone problem. The Environmental Protection Agency was focused on finding other forms of chemicals that could be replacement coolants and this one is considered to be one of the best. Referred to as a haloalkane refrigerant, it uses a completely different chemical makeup, one that is devoid of a chlorine configuration at all. Unlike other coolants, it is not a combination of different types of elements. It is a single component, and can seamlessly replace R 22, as well as R 12 in refrigeration and air conditioning units. Machines that will have Freon still live in that must be retrofitted. The accumulator must be replaced. Once the retrofit is complete, there is no noticeable difference between the cold air produced by AC units and refrigeration units when using this new coolant that will take the place of Freon. There are several others that are possible replacements including R-407C and R-404A. Each of these are much more closely related to Freon in chemical composition. These hydrofluorocarbons can be used, but retrofitting may also be necessary in certain systems. Once all of these have been used to replace existing hydrochlorofluorocarbons in cooling units around the world, it is thought that the ozone layer will subsequently go back to normal.

How Do You Have Your Freon Replaced?

Unfortunately, this is a process that can be very technical. First of all, the existing Freon needs to be extracted from these machines. To do so requires special equipment, ensuring that there is no leakage whatsoever. From there, the Freon will be taken to special locations, so it can be disposed of without becoming airborne. Once it is removed, another process is used to put these replacement coolants back into the systems. They will then run tests, and also perform any retrofitting that is necessary. That is why you must contact a local HVAC company that is prepared to do this, businesses that will have likely done hundreds of these by now and can offer you reasonable prices to do the retrofitting and replacements that are necessary. The main reason that you cannot do this on your own is that, in the construction of air conditioning units such as window AC units, they never thought that they would have to make it easy to take out the coolant. However, once it is done, which is not a very expensive process, you can use your air conditioning unit just like normal.

How Do You Find Companies That Can Do This For You?

You will likely see advertisements from HVAC companies that are indicating that they can replace freon with all of the refrigerant r22 replacement materials listed above. These alternatives can be expensive by themselves, so keep that in mind as you are getting quotes from different companies. Although the cost of come down due to higher levels of production, you still have to pay for the HVAC company which may be hundreds of dollars for the replacement and retrofitting process. Multiple quotes from different businesses is the key to finding a company that can do this for the most reasonable price.

Which Replacement For Freon Is The Best?

First of all, all of these are available for purchase. You could actually get canisters of this on websites like Amazon that are ready to ship. If you are going to choose one that is more commonly used, R-134A will be the one that you will want to purchase. However, the HVAC provider may recommend another such as R-410A which is a combination of two different hydrofluorocarbons refrigerant. It is thought that this combination of pentafluoroethane and difluoromethane might be better suited for window AC units because it operates better under high pressure and has a much more efficient refrigeration capacity. Keep in mind, this is almost always used for commercial purposes, so always inquire if that is the proper replacement for the Freon that is in your particular machine. If they can provide you with information, make sure that they know what they are doing, and that they are competent when it comes to doing these replacements before hiring them for the job.

Freon replacements are becoming more widespread. The 2020 deadline is approaching. If you are going to purchase a new machine to keep your house or office cool that will sit in your window, these AC units are typically equipped with the new coolants already. In fact, it might be less expensive in some cases to simply get a new machine if you are only paying a few hundred dollars for each one. Always do the math before deciding whether or not to replace your existing window AC unit, or if you should use a local HVAC company to do the retrofitting and replacement for you.

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