How To Enjoy Life After Retirement

SHAWNEEE,OK – Retirement is a bitter-sweet pill. Millions of people look forward to retirements. Many people hire professional planners to help them plan for their future financial needs. Other individuals immerse themselves in estate planning to minimize their future tax burden.  Many individuals, especially Baby Boomers, are concerned about retirement. Here are some startling statistics that challenge any Baby Boomer retirement:

  • Boomers are less confident than they were five years ago about almost every aspect of retirement.
  • Boomers who lack confidence in their retirement plans when asked what they would have done differently: 68% said they would have saved more and 67% said they would have started saving earlier.
  • On average, Boomers’ estimate health care costs will consume 23% of their income in retirement, compared to the 33% of income those aged 60 or older currently spend on health care.

As the statistics have shown, planning for retirement is not easy. Yet, few people spend the necessary time to consider what they actually will be doing during retirement. A noted researcher on contemporary issues, Dr. Daryl D. Green, brings the issues of life after retirement to the center stage. In his new book, Mapping Out Life After Retirement: 100+ Ways to Pursue Your Purpose, Dr. Green simplifies the retirement strategy and provides more than 100 ways to achieve success. Individuals can view his inspirational book trailer on

Dr. Green was able to accomplish what few individuals have ever achieved… retiring early. He explains, “After several years, I was able to retire early at the age of 50 years old. I was blessed to have my ideal job waiting on me with my retirement. In a nutshell, I retired one day and was working on my second career within a few weeks. In fact, retirement was better than I had planned. With the right type of strategy, you too can move closer to retirement.” With his investigative spirit and practical insight, Dr. Green was able to share how today’s professionals can better transition into retirement and have a more fulfilled life. Dr. Green also provides a retirement seminar to emphasize the importance of planning for life after retirement. This inspiring seminar offers useful information for planning your transition and how to deal with life after retirement, including post-retirement employment.

For more information about Dr. Daryl Green and to have a media interview with him on the issues surrounding life after retirement, visit  or contact 405-585-4414.

About Dr. Daryl D. Green

Dr. Daryl D. Green is an internationally acknowledged author and researcher. He is the Dickinson Chair at the Oklahoma Baptist University. Dr. Daryl D. Green provides consulting, guidance, and management training for today’s business leaders. In 2016, Dr. Green retired early at the age of 50 years old from a great professional career. Utilizing his exit strategy, Dr. Green landed his dream job, and he hopes to help you achieve this too.  He resides in Oklahoma City with his family.


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