Denise was born May 30, 1926, in Fort Saskatchewan, Canada, she was the daughter of Pierre Amedee Moret and Marie Bibiane  Moret. In between these two dates was a life lived to the fullest.

Denise and Charles Jeske

Denise grew up in Fort Saskatchewan, Canada with her parents, older brother Louis and sister Dorene. Her father was the Mayor of the town for over 10 years and served as the Fire Chief and Alderman. Her family owned the Fort Hardware Store, John Deere Dealership and a Tin Smith Shop where Denise and her brother worked and her mother was the bookkeeper. Weekends her family volunteered at the mission where Franciscan Priests would come to town and give Mass. The family would organize the Rectory, Louis would play the organ while Denise was the Choir Leader and sacristan for the Franciscan Fathers.

While attending the University of Alberta in Canada, studying Education, Denise was crowned ESS Queen (Engineer Students’ Society Queen) on November 9, 1946, at the ninth annual Engineers Ball with over 500 people in attendance. Her fame of beauty and charm spread far and wide. She even became a pin-up glamour girl for the British Army in Egypt.

Denise held many different jobs at a time when most women stayed at home.

*Teller for the Royal Bank of Canada
*Worked at Sprague Drug Store
*Airline Stewardess for a DC-3 airplane with the Canadian Pacific Airline
*Elizabeth Arden Representative
*Professional Model for such clients as The Hudson Bay Company, Woodward’s Stores (Edmonton) Limited, Thompson-Dyne’s Store and Holt Renfrew where she purchased her wedding gown.
*Owned her own modeling agency and school called “The Edmonton Julliard School of Modeling”.

In 1953, Denise and her family traveled to Europe for a 4-month vacation. They traveled to Europe onboard the RMS Queen Mary along with their car. It was on this ship that she met the love of her life, Charles H. Jeske, a decorated American World War ll Veteran from Chicago, Illinois. Charles had just converted to Catholicism and was on a solo pilgrimage to visit Lourdes in France. It was love at first sight and 3-days later he asked her to marry him.
While traveling in Europe, the Moret family was given a private audience with Pope Pius Xll, on June 2, 1953, because of the work they did for the Franciscan Fathers in Fort Saskatchewan, Canada. They went on to visit relatives in Switzerland where her father, Pierre, was born.

The next year Denise and Charles were married on June 26, 1954 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at St. Joachlim’s Church and the reception was held at The Glengarry Club. They honeymooned in Banff, Alberta, Canada en-route to Chicago, Illinois, USA where they would live for two years before moving to Colorado. They moved to Colorado so that her husband could take a job with Univac Computing as a Systems Analyst and he worked on the first commercial computer which is on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC.

Together they had 5 children: Mark, Cathy, Tim, Mike and Susan whom they raised and devoted the rest of their lives to. She was a proud grandmother to 5 grandchildren Megan, Dustin, Bradley, Andrew, Melissa, and Anna. She loved and supported each and all their passions. She and her husband attended virtually every game, production, pageant, play, musical, ceremony, and family event.

Denise was a kind, creative, funny, witty, giving, prayerful, loving woman that touched everyone she met. She was loved deeply by her family who considers her to be a role model and inspiration. We will miss her greatly.


*1991: Became a United States Citizen at the age of 65.
*Played the piano and was a good seamstress.
*1939: Attended the World’s Fair in New York City with her family.
*From 1966 – 1968 lived in Boise, Idaho and was on the Board of Directors for the Boise Swim and Racquet Club.
*1992: Traveled to Thailand for Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s 60th Birthday Celebration with her husband and daughter Susan.
*Celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary at the Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colorado with their family.
*2001: Attended President George W Bush Inauguration with her son and daughter Susan who was invited by the President to attend and sing the National Anthem at several events and ride in the Inaugural parade.
*Denise and Charles were married for 46 years until Charles died on November 24, 2000.
*Denise’s nephew from Canada, Father Paul Moret will be presiding at the Funeral Mass.

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