GoHaffers Raffle First of Its Kind for Charitable Organizations

– GoHaffers is the first of its kind in Kentucky and maybe in the country charitable event held monthly to benefit cancer patients. The average person cannot afford to survive cancer. Our mission at Shirley’s Way is to be an extension of the household income and help local families throughout the year.

Each month a drawing at the end of the month will be held to announce the winner. Haff the pot will go to Shirley’s Way and half will go to the winner of the drawing. Last month the winner went home with $3850! It is a win-win. It is a $10 monthly online HAFF the pot (HaffleZZ) to raise money for families that are struggling to survive.

The excitement of possibly winning thousands of dollars and the warm feeling of donating to a good cause. Does any other charitable donation do that? A chance to win while supporting those in need. People helping people while having fun. If you would like a chance to win big money with a small investment then visit our website at www.goHaffers.com.This is a game of chance and all sales are FINAL. No refunds will be issued. Money raised from goHaffers goes directly to Shirley’s Way to help fund their mission and helping cancer patients financially.

All drawings are held around the last day of the month. Winners will be announced at www.goHaffers.com, Facebook and Twitter.

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