Paul Vigario, CEO of DSD Global Introduces DSD App

Meet the Digital Smile Design App for all involved with the aesthetics of providing patients with a beautiful smile.

The app allows doctors to showcase and share their best work with the world.

Paul Vigario, CEO of DSD Global introduces the DSD App.  The DSD App helps doctors involve with dentistry the right tools to increase their artistry in smile design, take credit for their work, and share it with the world on social channels, which in turn results in increased exposure with the possibility of widening your patient base. 

“After a decade of hard work to develop a pragmatic, efficient and artistic system for #FacialAnalysis, #EstheticDiagnosis and #SmileDesign in accordance with the most modern concepts of natural aesthetics, I’m proud to present this new, simple to use but powerful tool, based on the latest mobile and cloud technologies  – #DSDApp –  that will allow dentists, technicians, specialists, plastic surgeons and staff members to create beautiful smiles, to communicate, to present attractive projects and enchant patients in optimized processes!” Dr. Christian Coachman

Smile Simulation 

With facial analysis and automatic picture calibration, DSDApp is so simple and fast that you can take the pictures, perform the smile design and present a very realistic and emotional simulation to your patient right on the first visit. Concentrate on the design, instead of on technology.

Now Available 

DSD Protocol + Smile Donator 

With Global Diagnosis, the DSDApp will ease your way through the Full 2D DSD Protocol. Requiring just a couple extra steps, the app will analyze all perspectives of your patient’s facial features while in motion and with emotion, and simulate a perfectly natural smile design.

Your patient already has an idea of what smile they want? DSDApp is the only app with the Smile Donator Concept and with an exclusive smile menu. Make your patient the co-author of their dream smile.

Coming September 2017 

Orofacial Surgery Simulation incl. Global Diagnosis

With Orofacial Surgery Simulation, DSDApp will stimulate facial procedures such as  Botox, Fillers, Bichectomy, Nose, Lips, Chin and Orthognathic movements.

OFFICIAL DSDAPP LAUNCH – October 2017 3D Smile Design

DSD app’s 3D Smile Design will allow you to generate a 3D STL file for 3D Printers and CAD software. Complete the process of an emotional wax up in minutes, and enchant your patient with a beautiful smile. Save time and costs by exporting the STL file and sharing with your dental lab instantly.

If you would like to obtain more information, contact Paul Vigario.


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