Brave Hurricane Heroes Recognized

  Hurricane Harvey has brought out the best in ordinary people.  A new website recognizes and honors them for their deeds.

 Jim McIngvale operates two huge furniture stores in Houston.  He is currently allowing dozens of storm refugees to live in his stores until the water subsides. He did the same thing 12 years ago for Hurricane Katrina.

 Brandi Smith’s official role was to report on Harvey for TV station KHOU-TV.  But that didn’t stop her from leading rescuers to a truck driver trapped in a raging current.

  Tomer Ben Shushan commandeered a construction truck with a small crane on it to help rescue residents from upper floors. 

  You can read about these stories and others at . Their Facebook page is

  To suggest a hero for addition to the site, write to

The site is sponsored by Friends Beyond Borders and the World Mind Network.

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