Dental Technology Fully Integrated in Your Dental Practice

Dental Technology Fully Integrated in Your Dental Practice

 A Quick Review of The Powerful SurfCT Patient Treatment System with Digital Smile Design

Are you a dentist? Do your patients understand what you’re talking about when you speak to them about treatment options?

Amalgams, Ceramic Inlay, Metal Free Bridge, Micro Implant, Tooth Impaction, what does it mean?

Paul Vigario, CEO of DSD Global and founder of SurfCT, a dental technology company that keeps your dental practice connected, had this to say at a sold out NYU event on August 4th, 2017. 

Dentists Pay Close Attention Here: Your patients need not only to be informed of all the options made available to them while in the chair but also as they leave your practice. They need to feel empowered by the knowledge you have impacted them with and fully comprehend that they have choices, and perhaps even educate others on why they should accept treatment.

Once the problem is owned by the patient and easily understood by all around them, who may help them make a decision your treatment acceptance dramatically increases.

The Surf CT PTS System with Digital Smile Design connects all your technology and ensures all yours OPs and all visits to your practice have this process in place, automated.

Every patient in your practice should walk out with a customized treatment plan; some call it “a tour of your mouth” detailed plan that is easy for the patient and his or her circle to understand. is specially designed by as a PTS system. If you’re interested in what an integrated system can do for your practice, let us know. It’s amazing what happens when Everything Is Connected™ with

Learn more at www.PaulVigario.Me

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