Paul Vigario Shows You How To Elevate Your Dental Practice with DSD and SurfCT

How to make your dental practice as popular as your local Starbucks

Paul Vigario, CEO of DSD Global explains briefly how his company is taking the dental industry and dentistry to new levels.

“What we mean by “Elevate Your Dental Practice with DSD and SurfCT” is that we have the complete know-how of how dentistry works, and are making our knowledge available to dental practices,” said Paul Vigario to RushPRnews.

From how to get more new patients into your practice, the business of dentistry, clinical care, along with the world’s best DSD lab connections to deliver the results that dentist promise and patients want. With this knowledge and the systems to drive it forward, we can elevate all aspects of running a private practice. How do we do that? DSD and SurfCT combined offers over 100 years of dental experience and technology to better serve the dental industry.

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We have a clear vision of how to create the future in dentistry now. And the hard-won experience to make it happen for you. DSD is the blue print for success. is the new leader in digital workflow with World Class IT Services.

Here is an example.  We take the DSD blueprint for success and design technology systems that automate and elevate all aspects of your practice at every level. 

DSD has the entire blueprint for success in your practice, and SurfCT has the custom digital workflows to get you where you should be. We can make your local dental practice as prevalent and sought out as your Starbucks. 

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