Genomix Nutrition Acquires San Antonio Nutrigenomic Laboratory for Genetic Testing

Fully accredited facility to ensure quicker results and continued affordability of comprehensive nutrigenomic testing solutions


Genomix Nutrition, a leading provider of comprehensive nutrigenomic testing solutions, with Genomix MD Management, LLC, announced today that it has acquired a fully accredited nutrigenomic laboratory in San Antonio from a personalized medicine company, Advanced Genomics.


The lab features the latest technologies in genetic testing and adheres to the highest quality, patient safety and scientific protocols. The acquisition will allow Genomix Nutrition to conduct DNA testing in-house, helping to deliver quicker test results to patients. It will also improve operational efficiencies,   ensuring that the company’s nutrigenomic tests remain affordable and accessible to patients and providers.


Genomix Nutrition has grown by 220 percent in the last year, and currently runs more than 500 genetic tests per month. The company’s nutrigenomic tests use a simple cheek swab for DNA analysis to provide patients with nutritional and health recommendations. The DNA swab is used to carefully assess a patient’s genes and to provide a complete genetic panel.  For quality control purposes, the lab’s automated instrumentation is used to load DNA tests and verify that each specimen is correct.


“We are very excited to now offer in-house DNA testing services to our patients through our own genetic testing lab,” said Kara Stewart, CEO of Genomix Nutrition. “As Genomix Nutrition grows and expands into new markets, this acquisition helps to quickly provide and simplify the testing process and nutritional analysis recommendations for the benefit of our growing provider base.”


Earlier this month, Genomix Nutrition celebrated its one year anniversary. The company’s tests are now offered by over 270 providers across the US, UK, Canada and Ireland.

To view a behind the scenes look at Genomix Nutrition’s new laboratory CLICK HERE.

For more information on Genomix Nutrition, please visit Learn more about Genomix Nutrition’s DNA testing process HERE.  


About Genomix Nutrition

Founded in 2016, Genomix Nutrition is a leading provider of comprehensive nutrigenomic testing solutions used to help providers and patients determine personalized nutritional supplement needs and health recommendations. For more information on Genomix Nutrition, please visit our website


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