Pet Product News: Bugout Keeps Ants Away

Simply Innovative Products Releases Bugout Pet Feeding System to Keep Ants  Away from Your Pet’s Food

Simply Innovative Products, a development company specializing in plastic products, today announced the release of the Bugout Pet Feeding System, a brilliantly designed pet dish for cats, dogs, and other small animals that safely keeps ants away with a fresh, clear water stream.

With a novel design and environmentally-safe materials, the Bugout Pet Feeding System keeps ants and other unwanted pests away from your pet’s food.All-in-one design makes the unit more compact than two separate dishes, ideal for travelling, and the sturdy design means your pet’s food and water stay in place. You can take comfort that anywhere you use the Bugout your pet will have fresh food, fresh water, and no ants.  The idea came to John Newman of Simply Innovative Products when he kept finding ants crawling around the food dish for his beloved dog Frank.

The solution is Bugout, an intelligent feeding system that consists of a self-watering dispenser and an anti-ant bowl. Through ingenious design, the watering system surrounds the food bowl, preventing ants and other insects from infesting the pet’s food. This design, completely free of pesticides, makes the system completely safe for animals and their owners while keeping unwanted ants out.

Additionally, the Bugout Pet Feeding System uses sturdy materials to prevent it from being knocked over and spilling. The system can be used for cats, dogs, and other small animals, including goats, rabbits, pygmy pigs, and more. Bugout comes in two sizes: a 4″ capacity for holding one cup of food and a 7″ capacity for holding five cups of food. Both sizes come with a free, refillable two-liter bottle for water.

Already, more than 20,000 customers have enjoyed the benefit of the Bugout Pet Feeding System. Bugout is now available for purchase online at our website and on Amazon.

About the Bugout Pet Feeding System

The Bugout Pet Feeding System was designed by John Newman of Simply Innovative Products, Inc. Bugout is owned and operated by Simply Innovative Products, a Cheyenne, WY. company. Bugout has been featured in Cat Fancy, Pet Product News, Highways Magazine and Natural Home Magazine.

About Simply Innovative Products, Inc.

Simply Innovative Products, Inc. is a development company specializing in plastic products in various markets. Bugout TM Pet Products is the company’s latest acquisition, poised to make an impact in the multi-million dollar pet industry. Simply Innovative Products, Inc. also has a disposable lid for coffee and other beverages. Simply Lids is an award winning company whose specialty is disposable beverage lids in the food services industry. Simply Lids’ patented technologies provide safer and a more enjoyable drinking experience without splashing or spills, and has the added benefit of unique marketing opportunities, never before realized in this industry sector. Simply Lids plans on being the leader in this multi-billion dollar sector through the application of its unique technology and innovation. For more information, please visit our website at or get social with us at and

Product Review

Members of the press may request a Bugout for a product review. Contact Anne Howard, from AH Marketing Group at to obtain a product for review or obtain additional information.

To Purchase Bugout

Customers wishing to place an order may visit the Bugout website at or shop at Amazon


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