Twisted Tales Cosmetics | A Daring New Twist on Matte Lipsticks

Women will be inspired to celebrate their womanhood thanks to Twisted Tales Cosmetics and their daring new point of view. Twisted Tales Cosmetics is excited to launch a new line of Matte Lipsticks specifically branded for women who want to shed outdated social ideologies and embrace experiences and products that allow them to express exactly who they are, Twisted Tales and all.

Attitudes regarding self-image and the manner in which we express ourselves have shifted. Research shows that more than 50% of women between ages 18 to 24 claim that their most recent intimate partner was casual – not a serious lover. Cosmetic manufacturers today focus their marketing efforts towards women who are looking or searching for love and romance, however for half of today’s young women, that just isn’t the case.

“Twisted Tales suggests that as women, we all have our own unique quirky, playful, sensual qualities.” says founder Samantha Melnyk. “I created the Twisted Tales Matte Lipstick line because I wanted to wear something that made me feel edgy, yet fun and uninhibited. Wearing a lipstick that suggests glamour or romance just doesn’t cut it when I’m in the mood to let loose. Society tells us we’re supposed to repress certain qualities, but life is too short. When you’re feeling a little risqué, sometimes your story conflicts with society’s norms – and that’s okay! I want women to embrace, love and accept themselves as they are. Living authentically is the only way to be!”

Make no mistake, this brand is about pushing social boundaries as made evident by colour labels with names such as “Monthly Bleed”, “Deviant Desires”, “Pumpkin By Midnight” and “Walk of Shame”. Controversial names such as these are enough to toss aside the archaic notions that women have to repress their “twisted” side because of social judgments and biases.

Twisted Tales Cosmetics

‘ full coverage Matte Lipsticks contour to the shape of your lips with an ultra-lightweight, creamy texture that glides on effortlessly. The extreme pigment, long-lasting formula is packed with the antioxidant Vitamin E and contains natural vanillin extract leaving your lips with a soft, hydrated finish that doesn’t dry out. Non-comedogenic and paraben-free the products are manufactured 100% in Canada and are cruelty-free.

The New Matte Lipstick Line is now available to order!

Visit to pick a colour shade that matches your hidden truths.

RRP $22 in Canada / $16 in USA (International orders welcome!)

For further information, please contact:


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