Canada-based Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms’ First Tree of the Season Gifted to U.S. Soldier’s Family

Family will celebrate Christmas early before son starts tour of duty

Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms of New Brunswick, Canada has announced that the first, real Christmas tree of the season has been harvested and shipped across the border to a military family* in the U.S. A Hilltop representative confirmed that the company has not accepted payment for the Christmas tree as a gesture of goodwill and in keeping with the spirit of the festive season.

The representative said, “As we were preparing our first online Christmas tree order requests, we received a call from one of our wholesale distributors within the United States asking if we could harvest one of our finest quality, fresh Premium Christmas trees to this family, whose son had received his orders to prepare for a tour of duty overseas. As a family-run company, we were humbled and honored by the request and so, along with our wholesale distributor, we took the easy decision not to accept payment for this particular tree, nor the shipping costs.”

He added, “Here at Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms we are used to fulfilling unusual, out-of-season requests – we are often asked to provide one or more of our top quality Fraser and Balsam fir trees for magazine photo-shoots, marketing events and even Christmas in July events, which are growing in popularity. But in this case, we wanted to pull out all the stops so this family could have a Christmas to remember with their son.”

As a gesture of seasonal goodwill too, Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms would like to offer a 35% discount until the the end of October to customers ordering their farm-fresh, beautiful Balsam Christmas Tree using their quick, easy and stress-free online ordering system. Harvested just before shipping via UPS direct to your door, it’s no wonder more people are choosing to shop with Hilltop!

Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms has a fine, traditional reputation for producing two of North America’s most popular Christmas trees, namely the Balsam and Fraser fir trees. Because Hilltop generally harvest their trees one day before shipping, they can guarantee they will arrive fresher, more aromatic, and with far superior needle-retention than the shop-bought variety, which have often been harvested in one fell-swoop in Sep/Oct.

In addition to Christmas trees, which are available in all sizes from from 4ft right through to a majestic 8ft, Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms offer luxurious Balsam or Double-Mix wreaths; either plain or decorated, these wreaths are the perfect way to welcome family and friends to your home.

*the names and other personal details of the family have been omitted to protect their privacy.

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