Discover The Bedol Water Clock, Eco-friendy Clock Powered by Water

The Bedol Water Clock.   The Clock powered by water.

Just add water — this clock never needs batteries.   It’s powered by water!

 – The Bedol Water Clock, with its stylish design and bright attractive colors, makes it a fun, versatile and environmentally friendly product for everyday use.   But this clock is special.   It is powered by water!

The Bedol Water Clock  has the ability to keep perfect, absolutely battery-free time by simply filling with water.  This eco-friendly digital  clock will make a great accessory to any home or office. Just fill the tank with ordinary tap water. The naturally occurring scientific properties known as “ions” in water creates a electric charge when it encounters the metal plates in the clock’s water tank.   After about a year you simply may need to change the water.  The clock also comes with an alarm to wake you up in the morning. 

The clock comes in 5 fashionable colors, blueberry, kiwi, smoke, tangerine and plum.   The Bedol Water Clock is sure to excite the eco-conscious and gadget-savvy person on everyone’s gift list. The clock has a retail price of $26.00.

Bedol is committed to doing  their part for the environment by offering eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products.

Bedol products are available at the company website as well as at selected retailers across the country.

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For more information, contact Mark Bedol at 909-626-0388..

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