Resident sues Hydro One over Delivery charges

Kip Van kempen   is fed up  with  Hydro one . The family  year round  cottage had no hydro  nor  heat  for  8 months until Hydro One re-connected  service in June  of 2016  .  The  monopolistic  provider of  hydro in Ontario   not only  provided  unacceptable    service  in  taking  so long to restore  the hydro   but  has charged  kip  with a “delivery  charge” for the  hydro  which was not even connected to the hydro meter .

Kip says  the arrogance of their call center staff  who  refused to reverse the delivery  charge has  prompted a lawsuit filed to take  Hydro One  to Court    and  let  a judge    determine   the  fairness of both their  service  and the  delivery  charge .

Thousands of  Ontario  residents  are fed up  with  the  charges  from Hydro one and I hope  others  will  follow  my “David  versus  Goliath”  fight  with  Hydro  one.    

Kip says  he cannot  believe   the  social media response  to a recent  interview  aired by a local  TV  station telling the story . Hydro One  should be embarrassed.        

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