Maxxlife Financial Expands Lineup of Carriers for Super Visa Insurance

Maxxlife Financial, Inc., the insurance broker, announced today that is expanding the number of insurance carriers it works with to offer policies for Super Visa Insurance. The insurance is required for visas granted to visiting parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents. The visa provides a temporary resident permit that enables the applicant to stay in Canada for visits of up to two years.

“This is about bringing families together,” said Manoj Vohra, Director of Maxxlife Financial, Inc. “It should bring a smile to everyone’s face.”

Canada’s Super Visa program, which was launched in December 2011, offers a multi-entry visa that is valid for up to 10 years. The program is successful and popular because it reduces the need to renew status at each visit. The program carries several conditions, though. Applicants for Super Visa Insurance need to be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. They need to be allowed to enter Canada and provide proof that their child or grandchild meets the minimum income threshold.

The Canadian government set these policies because it does not want to be burdened with financial support or healthcare costs of visa recipients once they are in Canada. This is the need addressed by the Super Visa health insurance policies from different carriers offered by Maxxlife Financial, Inc.

The company’s website,, provides details on the policy offerings and enables applicants to get their questions answered online. Maxxlife Financial, Inc. works with such insurance carriers as Manulife, Travelshield, GMS, Destination, Tugao, SRMRM travel Insurance, Allianz Global Assistant and 21st Century Travel Insurance ltd. Maxxlife Financial, Inc. offers a 24-hour international answering service for clients at 1 (855) 846-2524. The company has 6 offices in Ontario and Alberta. For more information, contact the company at

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