Anyone who runs or goes out for a jog, knows the pain of their phone & their keys bouncing around in their pocket or even falling out of their clothes while they run. What if there was product to solve this problem?

Well – Now there is!

This particular pair of shorts is designed with special pockets that hold your phone & keys tight, snug and secure when you run.


The product, known as the Smart Performance Shorts, has a two-layer design with the smartphone pocket placed in the inside layer. This inside layer and the pocket is made with special stretch fabric which will hold your phone tight and secured. The pair of shorts even has earphone hole such that you can thread your earphone wire through it & listen to music while you run, without worrying about the music player or phone bouncing around or falling.


And that’s not all!

Apart from the smartphone pocket, this product has a secured back pocket for your keys, anti-bacterial fabric to reduce odor from sweat, reflective details so you are visible during a night jog, an extremely light outer shell to keep you cool & two regular side pockets. 

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