How to Fix Common Boiler Problems

We ALL totally rely on our boilers to power up daily and we expect to wake up to a cosy wonderfully heated home. One dreaded day you wake up to find your boiler not running as efficiently as it did and you are beginning to think you may need a new boiler. Well here a few things you may try first as Some of the most simplest  boiler repairs can be rectified by yourself such as bleeding your radiators and Adding Pressure to the system, alas others may need a boiler engineer but doing nothing can be costly as your bills will unfortunately rise – So Stop Inefficiency in Its Tracks. Professionals at iHeat state that if issues are not handled properly, they will get worse. In the end, you will end up spending more money.

1. Self Boiler Repair – Bleeding Your radiators – let the Heat In And The Air Out

Trapped air means that your Radiators don’t heat fully so you have to bleed your radiator to improve its efficiency and performance and they simply need the air letting out and the heat in.  There is a simple How to Bleed a Radiator article with a video with step by step instructions to get your radiators heating up quickly. Here is a  step by step guide to bleeding your radiators  that even I can do.

2. Self Boiler Repair – Adding Pressure

Adding pressure to your system can ensure your system is running efficiently. When pressure is reduced your system will feel cooler and it will need topping up, this will ensure it is running at peak performance. To check this If the pressure falls to below 1 to 2 bar then there is not enough pressure in your boiler to run your system efficiently. adding pressure to your system can ensure you system is running at its best. When pressure is reduced your system will feel cooler and it will need topping up.  To do this find the pressure gauge on your boiler this is normally located at the front of the system, on the Ideal Boiler this is located at the front just under to the right hand side.  Models vary.  Adding pressure is easy just open the filling loops and turn to the right and you will hear the air ease out. When your system raises above 2 bar close the filling loops. Warning please ensure your system is cool to do this.

3. Fit a Magnetic Filter and Protect Your System

Fitting a Magna filter to your central heating system is a highly efficient way to ensure your system is protected from magnetic  filter removes up to 100% of suspended black iron oxide, to protect and restore central heating systems. This can save 6% on your bills so ensure you get your system running smoothly.

4. Engineer Need – Power Flush

Power flushing your system is one of the best things you can do to remove corrosion from your pipes. This build up inside your system slows it down considerably.  Most homeowners aren’t aware of the fact that corrosion inside heating system pipes can block freshly heated water from travelling to radiators. For more on this subject read this article on  Power Flushing your system

If you have tried Bleeding your radiators and adding pressure to your system and it is not still operating properly you may need a visit from an engineer who can either repair your boiler or you may decide its time for a New A Rated Boiler that can save you around 50% on your gas bills so its not all doom and gloom Visit Intelligent Boilers for a FREE No Obligation Quotation and we will be happy to help.

Intelligent Boilers are offering a FREE POWER FLUSH will all Boiler Installations to ensure your new boiler is free from sludge and dirt.

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