Time to Replace Your Boiler Then Buy British with Ideal Boilers

Ideal Boilers is a British Manufacturer based in Hull. It started business in 1905 in a Foundry furnace known as the National Radiator Company. In 1920 they designed a revolutionary free standing stove that combined an open fire, central heating boiler, cooking oven and hot cupboard all in one unit. This hot cupboard was a great product that sold well and got them on the road to becoming the well loved boiler manufacturer that we know today. 

Ideal’s newest models, the top of the range The Vogue and the Logic are built using quality components and they are provided with a 2, 7, 10 year guarantee depending upon the model. Read more Ideal Boiler Reviews by Intelligent Boilers


Uk Public Love the Ideal Brand

In the past Ideal had a reputation that was diminishing due to high breakdowns and reliability issues. The company decided to take the product back to the drawing board and came up with a high quality boiler at a reasonable price that the UK public love. The boiler is now a raving success with excellent reviews and they have won an abundance of Awards from Good Housing Keeping Magazine and other influencers in the industry.

New Ideal Boilers are a Real Game Changer

In fact, the latest boilers coming out of Ideal are real game changers, premium products at affordable prices. This time around these combi and system boilers have broken the mould and offer quality, reliability and with A rated energy efficiency will drastically reduce your dreaded gas bill too.

Excellent Quality Boilers at Reasonable Prices

Ideal offer relatively cheap boilers in comparison with other German technology and offer a great alternative to other high end prices. This is one reason we recommend them and if you are wondering how much a combi boiler going to cost you will need a home visit and quotation to get an exact costing as every boiler is situated differently, but saying that  for an exact Combi Swap is offered at £1895with Intelligent Boilers. To Get a Free Boiler Quote at Intelligent Boilers click here.

Ideal Combi Boilers have three tiers for their guarantees which are as follows:

  • Ideal Logic – 2 year guarantee
  • Ideal Logic Plus – 5 year guarantee
  • Ideal Vogue the premium boiler range – 10 year guarantee

We have reviewed all the Ideal Boiler Range at the Intelligent Boilers website and many others, such as Vaillant and Worcester Bosch, so you can make an informed choice as to which boiler will suit your needs and your home. If you are interested visit our site as it is packed full of boiler reviews, guides and videos to help you make athe right choice for your home.

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