Top Tips to Choosing a New Boiler

Is your old boiler letting you down or you simply worried it is not going to do another season then this is the article you must read before buying a boiler replacement.

The old white box in the corner has done its stuff year in year out and you’ve never had to question its ability to perform until you get up one day and your waters cold and the house is freezing and it simply just does not feel like home any more.

Well you have to face facts you’ve probably had 10 to 15 years of brilliant service from your old boiler and its simply time to replace it with newer younger model. So you start to research the market and there seems a 100 different white boxes and you don’t know which one will suit you the best. Well I’m here to help you with some top tips to ensure you buy the right boiler to suit your home and the good news is with the new energy efficient models you could save money on those horrible gas bills too. See our boiler review

Which New Boiler Will Suit My Home?

The first thing you need to consider is what type of boiler you have installed in your home and here are the three main types:

1.     Combi Boiler

2.     Conventional boiler

3.     System Boiler

 These three types of boiler are the most common type of boilers in the UK and here is a little detail on all three types

1. Combi Boiler or the Combination Boiler

The most Popular Choice

This Combi boiler is the most popular choice in the UK due to its efficiency and its discrete installation capability in limited space such as a kitchen cupboard. A Combi Boiler offers a combination of both hot water and central heating solution from one central unit. There is no need for a separate hot water cylinder as the system offers hot water on demand directly from your supply. See How a Combi Boiler Works Here

2. Conventional System Gravity Fed Boiler

With a Separate Feeder and Expansion Tank

This is a gravity fed water system with the feeder and expansion tank kept in the loft. A separate water cylinder is located in an airing cupboard and the boiler in a separate location. These systems are a little out of date but still serve many homes today. 

3. A System Boiler

No Need For Feeder OR Header Tank In Loft

These are similar to a conventional boiler but there is no need for the feeder and header tank in the loft. They still contain a separate hot water cylinder and can have an emersion heater added to the system in case of emergency.

Which is is the Most Popular Type of Boiler?

The most popular choice in the UK today is the combi boiler and this due to its cost effective nature in the way it can save you money in both installation costs and it simply is the extremely efficient to use and will reduce your bills. We recommend the Vaillant Ectotec boiler range click here

The Main Attributes of a Combi Boiler

√ Compact Size perfect solution for limited space

√ No bulky water cylinder

√ Hot Water available on demand

√ Only heat the water you use

√ No need to store water

√ Heat to radiators on demand New A rated

√ Eco efficient models with savings estimated at £340 per year

√ Can make a significant impact on bill reduction

√ Most popular choice in the UK

√ Recommended by The Energy Savings Trust as you can save up to £340 on your yearly

X bill water pressure can be lost whilst using more than one tap

X No emersion heater in case of emergencies

How to Choose a Boiler

The type pf boiler you choose is often down to how much hot water you need in your home at a given time, not the amount of heating you need. To gain extra heat a larger sized boiler will be provided. If you have one to two bathrooms then a simple Combi Boiler will do as a Combi Boiler can only manage to supply DHW to two bathrooms at once. Using more than two bathrooms at any given time you will need to choose either the conventional boiler or a system boiler.

Combi Boiler Prices

Which? States that buying a new boiler can cost between £3000 to £5000 but this depends upon the system you choose but if you are looking for a straight combi swap then you can get a great combination boiler fully installed by us from £1895 see our boiler reviews here and you can see the benefits that this will offer to you.

Bill Busting Benefits

The latest savings estimates (source: Sedbuk) suggest that if you live in a detached home and are replacing an old-style heavyweight boiler with a modern condensing boiler, you will be swapping average fuel bills of £1,705 for £1,053 – a £652 saving.

£652 is a massive bill savings over the life time of a boiler just by simply The estimated annual saving you can make on your energy bill by swapping an old-style boiler for a modern one. 

Best Ways to Pay For Your Boilers

Buying a boiler can often catch at a time when you simply don’t have the upfront cash to pay for this. We have put together several payment methods for you to consider and these are as follows

Cash Only

Pay monthly boilers

Buy now pay later

If you Need a New Boiler Quotation click here then Ring 01535 444800

We are Zanussi Finance specialists and we offer an excellent cost effective solution to meet your needs. Finance is offered to our customers and a simply credit check will be performed and once accepted your boiler can be installed within days not weeks. 



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