Schmid Telecom successfully passes FAT for the VoIP-VCS Solution for ChongQing JiangBei International Airport

AFTER one week of intensive Factory Acceptance Tests the delegation from Chongqing SUB- ATMB signed the certificate to accept the VoIP-VCS solution purchased from Schmid Telecom AG. The successfully completed FAT covered the main VCS system for ChongQing JiangBei International Airport East Region and 3rd Runway Project.

The complete VCS system consists of 3 fully redundant and distributed ICS 200/60 systems, including 131 operator positions, 320 radio channels, 200 telephone lines, 180 VoIP links for radios and 180 VoIP links for telephone lines.

The 3 ICS 200/60 systems will be installed in ChongQing JiangBei International Airport as the main VCS system for Air Traffic Control at the airport as well as in the Chongqing ACC.


About Schmid Telecom AG

Schmid Telecom AG is one of the leading suppliers of highly reliable Voice Communication Systems with an installed base of more than 5000 Operator Positions and satisfied customers all over the world.

Headquarters are located in Zurich, Switzerland. As a global company, with worldwide subsidiaries and reliable experienced business partners in all important markets, Schmid Telecom AG is close to the customer.

The VCS solutions are especially designed for Air Traffic Management and are ready for todays and future needs in Air Traffic Control by using a decentralized architecture, being fully compliant to the VoIP standard ED-137B. The solution covers the full range of applications within ATM from largest centres to small and mobile towers.

One of the key benefits of system is the cost of ownership. The quality of the system in connection with the high reliability results in very low operating expenses.

About Chongqing SUB-ATMB

Chongqing Sub-Bureau of Southwest Air Traffic Management Bureau CAAC is located at Chongqing JiangBei International Airport and managing all the Air Traffic in the Southwest Region of China.

About Chongqing Airport

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport handles with its 2 runways annually more than 250,000 aircrafts. Chongqing Airport’s passenger numbers exceeded 32 million people in

2015. The 3rd runway project will be completed in 2016 to

support the expected passenger number growth to 45 million at 2020.

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