Popular New Service Enables Customers to Order a Christmas Tree Online

The pace of modern living means we don’t have the time our parents did to go searching for that “perfect” tree at Christmas. Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms are pleased to announce they have the solution: freshly cut, beautifully shaped and deeply aromatic Christmas trees available to order online with delivery straight to customers’ doors.

The service enables the buyer to pick the tree, the size, even the date they want it delivered and Hilltop do the rest. Shipped in special packaging, Hilltop’s trees and wreaths arrive with the smell of Christmas and ready to go.

Hilltop (www.hilltop-tree-delivery.com) has been cultivating Balsam and Fraser firs for generations, operating primarily out of New Brunswick in Canada, and now increasingly working with Christmas tree farmers across the US and Canada to ensure a top quality service. Balsam and Fraser firs are the trees most people recognise as a traditional tree, they smell wonderful, they’re fabulously symmetrical and are great at keeping their needles.

Booking a delivery date for a tree has the added advantage of ensuring a fresh tree. Many trees bought at lots have been cut as early as September; they lose moisture and all their goodness by Christmas while Hilltop doesn’t even harvest a tree until it’s ready to be packaged up and delivered to your door.

Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms are committed to a ‘Fair Farming’ policy. Farmers benefit from a fair deal while customers benefit from tight quality inspections to ensure the products are delivered in perfect condition.

The home delivery service starts at just $79.00 (US) and is open to all residents in the US and Canada. There’s even a ten percent discount for early orders.

For Hilltop founder, Adam Stone, it’s a great way to get quality products to a wider market. He’s been an authority within the industry for over 20 years as President of both the National and Regional Christmas Tree Associations and is proud to be launching the new home delivery service.

The new home delivery service includes options to order decorated wreaths, table-top trees and of course, full-size Christmas trees as desired. All trees are transported in ventilated mail trucks and are housed in a specially designed a box, which maintains the trees’ moisture and ensures they arrive at their destination in the best possible condition.

Easy to order quality products and reliable delivery, Hilltop can make your Christmas as traditional as the ones of your childhood but without the stress. Visit their website or call them direct.  

Visit www.hilltop-tree-delivery.com.

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