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Whether it is dating, making friends, expanding your videos, advertising your business, blog, forums or playing video games, Spinpub.com is the ultimate social site to expand your network. It connects you locally or globally. Compared to Facebook or Twitter, Spinpub.com provides you with the ability to spread your brand, name or website links all over the internet. “There is demand for dating and advertising online, “says Jesse Castaneda, Jr., founder of Spinpub.com. “We combined both types of media to help exploit people’s marketing needs. Online dating is very popular, and we tend to make it feasible for singles to meet and have fun doing it. There is also a demand for business networking and we got that too.” 

On Spinpub.com, you can upload music videos or marketing videos. You can place free classifieds in their advertising section. You can blog about your business or expand your writing skills and become a popular writer. “There is variety in our site,” Mr. Castaneda says. You are not constricted to just one thing. You can date and meet others globally. Or you can set up a business and market your product or service. If you are an artist, you can expand your reach. Rock bands and/singers can promote their singles in our site.”

  Spinpub.com is a platform to extend yourself globally. Social Sites are common these days, but Spinpub.com takes it further and uses all avenues of networking for anyone to succeed in any endeavor. From blogging to chatting, you can connect with others. Marketing is a necessity for all businesses. You can make an incredible income if you connect with right people. Social sites just like Spinpub.com is a self-help tool that anyone can use to pitch their ideas, brand or service. Singles can also meet exciting people in our website. You can interact with our many website widgets and find out whether you click with other people or not. You have a choice in Spinpub.com

Spinpub.com is a free dating and marketing social site from DogStar Enterprises that connects people from all walks of life. Whether you are looking for love, friends or increasing your business income, Spinpub.com will is an excellent website for spreading the word.

Media Contact Name: Jesse Castaneda Jr 
Media Phone: 9562858390 
Media Web Address: http://www.spinpub.com 
Company Contact Name: DogStar Enterprises 
Company Web Address: http://www.spinpub.com 

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