Moment Soundbar brings family together with Karaoke home entertainment

Moment Karaoke machine

With the rising cost of family outings, more and more families are embracing Karaoke for home entertainment. And as reported in an IBISworld report the demand for affordable home units is rising. And even though, we can’t all be the Von Trapp Family singers, most  family members can extract real pleasures from a sing-along. 

It is evident that for parents looking for ways to spend affordable quality time with their children, karaoke entertainment, which offers the capacity to sing and follow words using your television, is irresistible. But it doesn’t come without its challenges. Karaoke units are often cumbersome, unattractive and technically challenging to set up.

Moment™ ( Karaoke soundbar tackles those issues head-on. It promises to unclutter home environment from unnecessary cable clutter and mess by removing the necessity for other soundbars, offers multiple wireless components, and finally with its simple plug and play set up.

Agreeably for all space conscious dwellers, it provides a range of advanced technologies for a true Karaoke experience but more than that, Moment is elegant and compact at only 16″. Moment fits into any space – whether it’s a spacious living room or a small dorm. Its wireless  auto-pairing microphone and subwoofer and compact soundbar free up the family home environment from unsightly cable mess.

 And most all, with its  DTS TruSurround™ technology, Moment is a karaoke machine that can replace all other soundbars in your home. Its provides crystal-clear sound to enhance the experience of watching a movie at home.

Moment also comes with its own App. The free Moment™ app is available for iOS or Android device and comes with a full spectrum equaliser that lets the users adjust treble and bass, volume and even the echo levels for the microphone

World’s first soundbar with an unlimited karaoke song library.

  • → Elegant and compact at only 16″, Moment fits into any space.
  • → Simple, fun, plug & play karaoke the way it’s intended to be.
  • → Compatible with any device, giving you unlimited ways to use.
  • → Wireless, auto-pairing mics & subwoofer means no cable mess.
  • → Great for movies & gaming with DTS TruSurround™ technology.
  • → Wireless Microphone and Wireless Subwoofer


Moment is scheduled to launch via Indiegogo on Sept 22 and will start shipping in November.


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