Hilltop Christmas Trees Available for Home Delivery

The perfect Christmas tree is the centre piece of a traditional family celebration for thousands of people across the country. But the rush and energy required to chase down the right tree risks making this a chore rather than a joy for busy families.

Fortunately, Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms have the solution: Christmas trees delivered to your home.

The family-run business supplies trees across Canada and the US, providing people with an environmentally-sound and sustainable option for their Christmas tree. Now, customers can benefit further from home delivery, which not only removes the stress of buying from a crowded market, but will also allow for a fresher tree come the day itself.

Many shop-bought trees are harvested as early as September, meaning they are often dry and have lost much of their scent by December. Hilltop, meanwhile, only harvests its trees a few days delivery, ensuring they are fresh when they reach their customers.

This ensures a much fresher and more aromatic tree, which not only provides a more welcoming scent and atmosphere, but also reduces the time spent picking up fallen needles – as is often the case with an older tree. 

The Practicalities

The process of having a Christmas tree delivered to your home has been simplified as much as possible thanks to Hilltop’s smart logistics practices.

Anyone looking to have a fresh tree delivered in time for Christmas can simply select their favourite variety of tree from a selection grown by Hilltop, choose the desired height of tree and pick a delivery date that is convenient for them.

This service starts at just $79.00 (US) and is open to all residents in the US and Canada.

Adam Stone from Hilltop commented: “Our customers have grown to value the quality of tree grown by Hilltop. While we are proud to have provided our fresh and sustainable products to the wholesale industry for a number of years, we’ve been looking into how we can enable more people to benefit from their very own real Christmas tree.

“After carefully building up our delivery network and ensuring our crop met the high standards our customers expect, we’re now ready to roll out our service directly to customers’ doors.”

Hilltop’s founder Adam Stone has over 20 years experience within the industry and as both President of the National and Regional Christmas Tree Associations, his knowledge of this festive tree makes him a real authority in the industry.

His experience and expertise have helped Hilltop grow over the years to become a recognised quality provider within its industry. The company works with other local farmers across the US and Canada to provide trees covered by a ‘Fair Farming’ policy, meaning that farmers benefit from a fair deal and customers benefit from tight quality inspections to ensure their tree reaches them in perfect condition.

The new home delivery service includes options to order decorated wreaths, table-top trees and of course, full-size Christmas trees as desired. All trees are transported in ventilated mail trucks and are housed in specially designed boxes, which maintains the trees’ moisture and ensures they arrive at their destination in the best possible condition.


Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms



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