Dry Paddleboarding Across Canada

Uxbridge, August 3rd, 2015 – Standup Paddleboarding (SUP) is one of the fastest growing sports in North America, providing both a great workout as well as a calmer enjoyment of nature than straight out surfing or paddling. The problem with SUP? Weather. It’s an outdoor, water sport and in countries such as Canada, weather isn’t always on our side, even during the summer season.

Julie Thayer, a Yoga instructor from the Toronto area decided to stretch the summer SUP season to a year-round season, by combining SUP and Yoga, indoors. The concept isn’t completely new. Some Yoga studios around North America are already offering SUP Yoga in swimming pools and a couple companies have tried to create on-land SUP boards that can be used for Yoga in a regular studio. However, Julie has taken it to the next level in a couple of ways.

Julie’s boards, called the Karma SUPtra boards emulate the water experience via the support of a series of inflatable cushions which increase or decrease the stability of the board. The Karma SUPtra board also has optimized dimensions for Yoga poses and a slip-free surface. Best of all, the boards are 100% Canadian made.

So why in the world would you do Yoga indoors on a SUP board? Mainly because it is an incredible workout. Yoga in itself is great exercise but add the water stimulation and you are working your core hard, not to mention greatly improving your balance and flexibility for the next outdoor SUP season.

Julie has been teaching SUP-Yoga on the Karma SUPtra boards for over a year now and the reviews are amazing.

Julie is currently making her boards per individual order but with the takeoff of her crowdfunding campaign on Canadian Crowdfunding portal, PinUp Campaigns, we hope to see them produced in larger numbers. You can check out the campaign and order a board at an unbelievably good discount via the PinUp site at www.pinupcampaigns.com.

PinUp Campaigns is a brand new crowdfunding portal which posts only a limited number of handpicked, Canadian campaigns, helping to promote each campaign which they choose to feature.


Marlena Guzowski

Co-Founder, PinUp Campaigns





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