Neurobiologix Launches Methylation Complete Sublingual Enhanced Formula

Sublingual Formula Now Includes Additional Bioactive B12 For Enhanced Methylation Support

Neurobiologix, a leading provider of pharmaceutical grade GMP Certified supplements, announces an improved formula for their product, Methylation Complete Sublingual. Additional methyl B12 has been added to the supplement’s formula for enhanced methylation support. Methylation Complete Sublingual assists in delivering methylated vitamin B12, B6, and Folate in a quick dissolve natural fruit punch flavored tablet. Vitamin B12 is crucial to bodily function by aiding in the production and maintenance of red blood cells, nerve cells and the production of glutathione. Additionally, vitamin B12 is essential to the production of DNA, RNA, and neurotransmitters. Also found in Methylation Complete Sublingual, 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTFH), the bioactive form of Folate which also plays an integral role in DNA synthesis and is essential to cell division and proper functioning of virtually all tissues in the body.

Dr. Kendal Stewart, founder of the NeuroSensory Center of Austin and medical expert on the hit radio show Coffee With Dr. Stewart states: “Methylation deficiency is the missing component of neurological and immunological recovery. An adequate supply of methylated vitamins is vital for health and the prevention of many syndromes society is facing today. Genetic and acquired factors predispose many people to developing a methylation deficiency that can lead to a life of never feeling well.”

Methylation Complete Sublingual by Neurobiologix can be purchased online, over the phone, or in doctors’ offices nationwide. Neurobiologix is an Austin, TX based pharmaceutical grade supplements company. All Neurobiologix products are FDA monitored and Certified GMP. For more information, view the product video or to place an order call (866) 500- 5388 or visit

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