Aspect Imaging launch one-touch MRI at WMIC, 2015

Aspect’s advanced one-touch MRI will be presented at this year’s World Molecular Imaging Congress in Hawaii. The newly launched products, M3TM and M7 TM MRI systems, bring significant time-savings to biologists performing pre-clinical research. Simplifying MRI means biologists are free to focus on their research.  

Uri Rapoport, Aspect’s Founder and CEO, explains the strategy behind the new one-touch MRI: “We talk to pre-clinical biologists, academics and researchers every day. We understand their struggle to integrate affordable and simple to perform MR imaging into their research. With Aspect Imaging, biologists at any level can feel confident to control high-performance, affordable MRI technology. It’s as easy as operating your smart phone. What’s more we believe it will change the way biologists investigate and search for answers, forever.”

The one-touch MRI enables animal setup in minutes with automatic parameter adjustment and RF coil tuning. Furthermore, Aspect’s compact M-series systems can be placed anywhere. No unique working environment is required, with no special power, chillers, or cryogenic limitations. In fact, it is the only true cryogen-free system. The open source C# software offers researchers (with experience in sequencing) the option to write their own sequences, tailored to their experiment needs.

Mr. Rapoport elaborated, “MRI technology is a key tool to help generate important answers for biologists’ research. Unlike competitor solutions, we don’t just present our customers with a list of specifications. We show abstracts and articles that were generated with our systems. This enables customers to truly understand the potential and adapt our solutions that match their exact research requirements.”

Visitors to Booth 501 will not only be able to try the compact one-touch MRI for themselves, but can also take part in Aspect’s Rubik’s Cube Challenge.  Applying via the landing page or signing up at the show, booth guests can receive a limited edition one-touch MRI Rubik’s Cube, especially created for WMIC. Successfully completing the Rubik’s Cube challenge makes participants eligible to register for the prize draw.

WMIC takes place at the Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu, 2nd to 5th September 2015. As Platinum Sponsors, Aspect will play a prominent role at the show, hosting two luncheons and introducing the company’s compelling presentation of One touch MRI. WMIC visitors are invited to join, see the solution firsthand and walk through typical pre-clinical applications. 


About Aspect Imaging:

Aspect Imaging ( is the world’s leader in the design and development of compact MR imaging and NMR systems for pre-clinical, medical and advanced industrial applications. In the pre-clinical research market, the M-series compact one-touch MRI systems enable a wide variety of in vivo applications and research models. The M-series systems are also used for providing 3D MR-based Histology to complement and direct pathology and histology-based analysis. In the medical market, Aspect Imaging has multiple medical programs underway including highly efficient just-in-place compact MRI, such as the FDA-cleared Wrist MRI System.  The company’s novel permanent magnets are also used in advanced industrial applications including rheology where its FlowScan™ platform provides real-time, online and quantitative information for process and quality control. The company’s novel permanent magnet technology M2™ is used by Bruker in the discontinued Icon product. The advanced new generation systems – M3™ and M7™ are exclusively built, sold and serviced by Aspect Imaging only.


Media Contact Name: Sharon Rapoport 
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