Save our Skies Santa Cruz Launches Petition Urging FAA to Stop the Jet Noise

Outraged Citizens fight FAA’s NextGenprogram to reclaim quality of life.

With the launch of an online petition Save Our Skies Santa Cruz (SOSSC) is garnering even more support to end the relentless jet noise caused by the Federal Aviation Administration’s new NextGen flight program.  The online effort through supplements a door-to-door campaign urging the FAA to move its NextGen jet flight corridor back to its original path.

You can access the online petition at: 

 There are reasons why many people are upset with the new jet noises permeating the walls of their houses and making their lives unbearable.  No actual data was collected and analyzed by the staff responsible for creating the Environmental Assessment that lead to the change.  The FAA had no understanding of the impact that this route change has had on the residents of Santa Cruz County until the group of angry neighbors spoke up.  “The hasty implementation of SERFR One has ruined the peaceful lives of our residents, of the wild life, and clearly has an impact on businesses and visitors,” reports Patrick Meyer, spokesperson for the group.

“It upsets me that a profile [arrival path] which worked well for 30 years was disregarded for one causing so much angst,” said Dave Austin, a former PSA jet pilot who flew the old route.

Returning to the original path will not create additional disruption to residents within hearing distance due to such factors as altitude, aircraft speed, topography and weather conditions.

Meyer says, “Whether you hear the jets or not please help support your fellow neighbors by signing the petition.  We do not want federal agencies making decisions that affect our lives without due process!” 

Recently the office of Congressman Sam Farr announced that they are setting up a meeting between the FAA, local officials and members of the SOSSC group.  Save our Skies hopes to bolster the 2,000 plus signatures with the online effort before this meeting.

Save Our Skies Santa Cruz is a grass roots organization of committed, well-organized community members concerned about the new SERFR One flight path which has brought serious and consistent noise levels over the residents of Santa Cruz County. Areas which were previously pristine and dominated by natural sounds are now drowned out by the consistent noise of jet planes throughout the day. For more information, visit

Contact:  Patrick Meyer

Save Our Skies Santa Cruz



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