Ste. Anne’s New Partner in Healing Mind, Body & Soul

Ste. Anne’s Spa, which has had a long tradition of community support, is proud to announce it is joining hands with a new partner, the Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores). 


“Our goal is to have an even greater impact by directing our charitable giving to a sister organization that’s dedicated to healing,” said Jim Corcoran, owner of Ste. Anne’s Spa. “Ontario Shores and Ste. Anne’s also share the core values of innovation and excellence in all that we do.” 


Ste. Anne’s is planning a series of fundraising initiatives and events to support the work of Ontario Shores. Ste. Anne’s will donate $10 for every booking of their new Chakra treatment. In honour of National Mental Health week, meditation and yoga nidra classes will be complimentary for all Ste. Anne’s guests from May 4 to 11.


“At Ontario Shores, we believe mental wellness is an essential part of feeling better, a concept that Ste. Anne’s Spa also takes to heart. That’s just one of the reasons this is a good partnership,” said John Chen, Interim Executive Director of the Ontario Shores Foundation for Mental Health. “Ontario Shores provides an environment that’s dedicated to recovery for people living with mental illness and is equally devoted to giving them hope for the future.”


Ste. Anne’s Spa and Ontario Shores share another common cause: creating greater awareness of mental health issues and reducing stigma, which is often an obstacle to people seeking help.

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