Pressenger Mobile App Urges Users To Support Earth Day 2015 Thunderclap Campaign

Participants use pre-call image to spread awareness about environment protection and sustainable development

 – Supporters of the Pressenger mobile app are being invited to use the app to create awareness about Earth Day activities on April 22, in a newly launched campaign on

What is Earth Day 2015?

Earth Day is an international environmental movement which draws attention to the importance of sustainable development. The day is recognised around the world with the support of green, educational and other organizations. On April 22, each year, a large number of demostrations are carried out each year all over the world to back green environment. The earth requires the support of each and every person.

This is where Pressenger started to envision its app and all the possible benefits we could bring to people:

• Spread the word

• Show the importance

• Grow a following

Role of the Pressenger App

Pressenger is encouraging people to use the occasion of Earth Day, recognised every year on April 22, to spread awareness about the importance of protecting the environment. With each call originating from their smart phones, Pressenger users can share the Earth Day message by participating via

The Pressenger app allows the user to customize a normal phone call by sending an image with the call. For the Earth Day campaign, the user can send related images to demonstrate a green way of thinking, and make a statement that shows their commitment to sustainable development and environment protection.

“We are proud to have people use our app to demonstrate their support and disseminate ‘green ideas’. By using the Pressenger app, people can easily spread the message of protecting the environment with a pre-call image, and there is no need to use words. We can save the earth if everyone is doing something, please support our campaign on ” says the company spokesperson.

 Thunderclap is an online tool that allows people to use social media to spread their message to a wider audience. Similar to an “online flash mob”, users and their friends can join a Thunderclap and share the same message at the same time, spreading the idea through Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Pressenger can be downloaded in the Google Play store using the following link:



With the app installed, users can support and Thunderclap the Earth Day campaign, which will post on the supporters’ social accounts to simultaneously send the message worldwide.

 About Pressenger Ltd

Founded in November 2014, Pressenger’s mission is to improve the quality of the user experience via mobile calls and provide better opportunities for people to communicate with each other. Pressenger is a limited company headquartered in Szombathely, Hungary.

Media contact:

For more information on Pressenger Ltd., please drop a line at visit


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