Renew Life’s #MomentsOfJoy Campaign Gaining Momentum On Social Media

Supplement Co. Recognizing Canadians Making Positive Impact On Country’s Health

Renew Life Canada, a prominent digestive health supplement company, has been generating buzz across various social sites with their 2015 #MomentsOfJoy initiative.

The ‘gratitude campaign’ aims to give back by recognizing various Canadian bloggers, writers, or YouTube personalities whose work is making a positive impact to the overall health of Canadians.  Select recipients are mailed a customized gift package, including specially selected Renew Life products, an individualized letter of thanks, and various additional gifts.

Launched in January, the year-long initiative has already seen success across social media channels, including shout-outs from prominent fitness personality Amanda Russell, Crohn’s blogger Jessica Grossman of Undercover Ostomy, Canadian Living editor Kate Daley, and even had two articles hit the homepage this week.

Renew Life marketing manager, Louise Vokins, had this to say about the initiatives’ success “when the idea was originally presented to us we were immediately excited about the opportunity to give back and recognize the efforts of others, though we never expected it to catch on like this.  It’s really taken on a life of it’s own.”

The initiative, conceived and executed in partnership with marketing agency Creative Bube Tube, will run until December 2015 and people are encouraged to nominate people in their lives they feel are making a positive contribution to health in Canada by either messaging the Renew Life Canada Facebook page or naming the person with hashtag #MomentsOfJoy and handle @RenewLifeCanada on Twitter.

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