500 BC Introduces YouQuest App. Update Your Life, Not Your Status.

Harnessing ancient wisdom to meet modern challenges. “Update your life, not your status”

— 500 BC, an entertainment media company, introduces YouQuest, the first app to help people explore and discover their direction in life by connecting their everyday to the distant past. YouQuest helps awaken your inner warrior, reliving the journeys of our ancestors in order to harness their ancient wisdom.

Mom pledges to share wisdom uncovered during daughter’s victorious battle with bone cancer.
“My daughter survived bone cancer, and had to dig deep to do it (we all did). We used every tool, ancient and modern, to help her successfully battle osteosarcoma. I swore if she came through this that I’d launch a product to help others find their inner warriors.”  Carol Phelan-Marsh, founder and president of 500 BC.

And that’s how YouQuest was conceived. At the heart of wellness is listening to ourselves. The need for self-discovery and improvement is timeless and fundamental. No wonder Socrates and the greatest minds that ever walked the Earth advised this: Know thyself.              

It is time to use that device in your hand for something truly important: YOU.

What’s the best predictor of life success? (Hint: it’s not IQ or Psychic Hotline.) It’s grit – your overall character. Sages and scientists alike confirm that self-reflection and introspection hold the keys to a better life. (Sources: Carnegie Institute of Technology, Psychologist Angela Duckworth, Forbes)

Eat right, exercise, know thyself. Obvious, but how?

The 500 BC team has spent years building and refining its wisdom databases, linguistics-based algorithm and UR-Q (Universal Rhythm Quotient) in order to accurately measure the interplay of eight essential human characteristics on a 16-point scale. Users can take up to three quizzes a day; answers are instantly analyzed; targeted insights are served based on highs, lows and current quest Chapter. 

Some truths are universal; our earliest ancestors held beliefs and knowledge that still apply to modern issues…even cave drawings were an ancient form of Pinterest (“I want a bison THIS big”).

Inside YouQuest:

• A daily adventure – Take a journey of discovery; history literally flows through your veins. Why not devote some of your candy smashing or imaginary bird flinging time to free your mind and have fun doing it?

• Travel through time – Your history begins with the stars. The nitrogen in your DNA, calcium in your teeth, iron in your blood and carbon in your friend’s Instagrammed apple pies were formed in the core of collapsing stars. We are all made of star stuff. Trek through the age of dinosaurs to the invention of the wheel, learning from the greatest minds in human history.

• Fuel your imagination – Navigate the game of life through daily quizzes that offer insights into your strengths and challenges. Tailored feedback connects you to ancient truths and symbols to cultivate confidence and resilience, reawakening the inner warrior.

• Say that again? – How often do you hear a piece of wisdom you wish you’d written down? Online cat videos can be enlightening (ancient Egyptians would agree), but now you can access timeless knowledge on the go. All of your acquired wisdom is stored for your convenience as and when you need it.

Unlock a better you with YouQuest!

About 500 BC, Inc.
Why battle our way out of life’s challenges as if no one has ever been here before? Is there any real difference in dealing with an angry boss or a vicious sabre-tooth tiger? Not if you wear a loincloth to work. 500 BC is an entertainment media company on a mission: to help you navigate the game of life with the wisdom of the ages on your side. 500 BC is here to make the quest of the ages useful and fun. Look back in time, then look up. Get perspective. Unplug. Harness the power of modern technology to reveal the wisdom of the past.

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