Aspect/Bruker 3-year partnership concluded in March 2015

A world leader in ground-breaking, compact benchtop MRI imaging systems, Aspect Imaging  announced the natural conclusion of their Bruker partnership on March 31st, 2015.

“We thank the Bruker Corporation for its early recognition and selection of our unique technology to bring added value to the Bruker company name.

The last three years of collaboration have been mutually beneficial, drawing from each company’s distinct strengths. The forthcoming conclusion of the engagement allows Aspect to focus on delivering our game-changing MRI system M-series, fully developed in-house” explained Uri Rapoport, Aspect Imaging CEO.

The M3™ and M7™ systems bring highly valued MRI modality at an unbeatable price/performance ratio to the fields of cancer, toxicology, brain research, and metabolic inquiry. Veteran or novice researchers can effortlessly generate superb in-vivo and ex-vivo MR images, enabling them to publish timely research papers, enhanced by quality images.

Addressing the research and academic community Mr. Rapoport continued “Rather than further flood the market with MRI systems that are based on incomprehensible specs, our products reflect the real needs of biologists, biochemists and many other types of researchers. In this spirit, we offer the M-series – highly complex instruments which we’ve managed to keep as easy-to-use as a point and shoot camera.”

The next generation M3™ and M7™ systems are portable, with trouble-free installation in any space and requiring virtually no on-site preparation. Key features include:

  1. The brain of the system, the Amos spectrometer: Integrating advanced electronics to generate superb images
  2. Automatic coil tuning: Users can work unrestricted, in comfort and still enjoy quality images, without having to manually adjust the coil to suit changing room temperatures
  3. Coherent software workflow: Easily providing biologists with the relevant information for their research
  4. Open system architecture: Allowing knowledgeable users the option to easily write their own sequences (C-Sharp)

As part of Aspect Imagining’s long-term customer commitment, the company will continue to assist Bruker ICON™ users in any cases where their needs extend beyond Bruker support capabilities.

To understand the full capabilities of the M3™ and M7™ systems read the full specifications click: here.


About Aspect Imaging:

Aspect Imaging ( is the world’s leader in the design and development of compact MR imaging and NMR systems for pre-clinical, medical and advanced industrial applications. In the medical market, Aspect Imaging has multiple medical programs underway including highly efficient just-in-place compact MRI techniques, such as the FDA-cleared Wrist MRI System.  In the pre-clinical research market, the M-series compact MRI systems, including the M3™, M7™ and M10™ systems, enables a wide variety of in vivo applications and research models. The M-series is also used for providing 3D MR-based Histology to complement and direct pathology and histology-based analysis. Aspect Imaging provides the M2™ platform to Mediso Medical Systems for use in its nanoScan® integrated PET/MRI and SPECT/MRI systems. The company’s novel permanent magnets are also used in advanced industrial applications including rheology where its FlowScan™ platform provides real-time, online and quantitative information for process and quality control.


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