Philippines to Host Largest Crowd in Human History

The largest gathering of humans ever recorded will take place in the Philippines on January 18, when Pope Francis celebrates Mass for 5 million faithful at Rizal Park in downtown Manila, according to the World Mind Network.

  Authorities can be reasonably certain a new mark will be set that day, because the existing world record of 4.9 million was set at the same place and for the same reason 20 years ago, when Pope John Paul II spoke to a massive crowd on World Youth Day. Improved infrastructure, more parking, and better security means that a larger throng can be accomodated this time.

A video commemorating the Pope’s visit has been created by recording artist Prince Lovely.  It features new lyrics about the Pope, set to the tune of “Onward Christian Soldiers”, with photos of the Pope and the last Papal Mass in Manila.  The World Mind Network and Adelina Foundation will make a donation to Caritas Manila, the official Catholic charity, every time the video is viewed. It can be seen at .

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