Author Manfred Popp publishes – You can do what I did: lose weight, improve your health, stay fit –

New book from author Manfred Popp about Weight Loss and Good Fitness can Improve Your Health

Are you concerned about your health? Is your blood pressure too high? Are you struggling with your weight or you do not feel fit? If so, then you should read this new book, titled “You can do what I did: lose weight, improve your health, stay fit!” It offers a practical step-by-step guide to improve your health and fitness. Over a period of ten years, from an age of 64 up to nearly 74, the author practiced the guidelines published in the book himself. Now, he benefits from the impressive results:

–  He has lost approximately 45 pounds.

–  Upper blood pressure remains stable in the “healthy” range.

–  Lower blood pressure also moved into the “healthy” range.

–  Pulse rate has leveled into an optimal range.

–  His general health condition has improved significantly. His physical condition is also much better than before.

The key to success was increased, but still reasonable, physical exercise combined with a healthy diet. After ten years, the health of the author improved significantly – without any additional medication.

The author is convinced that his program also works for other “best agers” as well as for younger people.

Shortly after retiring at 64, the author, Manfred Popp visited the doctor for a health check and it turned out that his blood pressure was clearly too high. His doctor said that either he has to take pills for the rest of his life or his excessive weight has to be reduced by at least 33 pounds. The author chose weight loss. By following a diet and training plan he developed, he managed to reduce his weight by about 44 pounds.

Since friends insisted several times to learn the secrets of his success, he decided about 6 years ago to write his first book in German. (For more information you can go to the author’s German website:

Now, nearly 74, he releases his first English-language book titled:

“You can do what I did: lose weight, improve your health, stay fit!”

See also:  On, the title is available as an eBook. 

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