Hampshire & Sussex Doctors, Chefs Urged to Visit Brighton as VegfestUK & Vegan Campaigners Offer Free Tickets

VegfestUK are giving away a limited number of tickets to VegfestUK this Christmas to help UK Chefs and GP’s in Hampshire, Surrey, and Sussex keep up with the times and see how much things have changed for vegans and vegetarians.

Tim Barford director of VegfestUK who host vegan festivals in Brighton, Bristol and London says “Veganism is out trending vegetarianism and interest in vegan diets has doubled in the UK in just 18 months. UK Chefs and Doctors who don’t understand vegan diets are going to be left with egg on their faces. In the spirit of Christmas peace and goodwill VegfestUK is offering a limited amount of free tickets to GP’s and executive chefs so they can come and discover what a vegan diet means in 2015 for free.”

Leading London Nutrition Therapist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says “There are still a frightening number of GP’s, public health officers, dietitians and even nutritionists who believe humans must eat meat and dairy to be healthy and think of vegans as extremists on a restricted diet. This is despite one of the biggest nutrition and diet studies ever conducted in Europe (EPIC supported by Oxford University) showing that vegans as a group are at least as healthy as those who eat small amounts of meat and much healthier than the EU average that eats too much meat. Even if people have personal nutrient absorption problems therapeutic strength plant based vegan versions of Omega 3 EPA DHA essential fats, probiotics, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12 are available in gelatine free capsules or as a spray.”

“The Vegan Society has just celebrated it’s 70th Anniversary so it’s ridiculous to refer to a vegan diet as a FAD diet. Nutrition experts have confirmed a varied balanced vegan diet is appropriate for all stages of life.” stresses Tim Barford.

Executive development chef and vegan cookbook author Tony Bishop-Weston says “Some Chefs still need to get their heads around the fact that even if they find it personally difficult and they can’t necessarily buy it ready made from Bidvest 3663 it doesn’t alter the fact that millions of people are now buying vegan food from supermarkets or Ocado and making delicious vegan dishes at home. Excellent vegan cheeses are now available, luscious vegan cakes and desserts, a range of scrumptious ice creams in addition to the new succulent meat alternatives by companies such as Vegusto and Dee’s Wholefoods.”

To claim a complementary free ticket to Vegfest UK Doctors from Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex GP surgeries and executive chefs from Hotels, Restaurants and Catering Companies should email VegfestUK with their contact details and job description at info@vegfest.co.uk . Vegfest UK are particularly interested in inviting Doctors and chefs from the Southampton, Portsmouth, Gosport, Fareham, Wickham, Havant, Cosham, Chichester, Winchester, Basingstoke, Farnham, Guildford, Crawley, Horsham, Midhurst, Petersfield, Worthing areas.

Anyone else can also get a free ticket by taking advantage of the current Christmas / New Year / January Sales Buy One Get One Free offer designed to encourage people to bring a friend to Vegfest UK so they can see first-hand how delicious, logical, healthy and enjoyable a vegan lifestyle can be. To buy tickets to the event, visit www.brighton.vegfest.co.uk/admission

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