The Evolution of Walking: Wearable Tech steps up to a new level

Arki: Finally Wearable Meets Fashion

Wearable technology is one of 2014’s hottest trends, and it’s about to step up a notch: introducing the award winning Arki wristband, the brainchild of Zikto a wearable tech startup with offices in Seoul and Los Angeles.

Kickstarter going full speed 

In just a few hours of activity the Kickstarter has already raised over 40% of its pledge proving that the appetite for wearable tech that is both useful and fashionable is insatiable. 

Arki what?

Far from your average step tracker, Arki is out to revolutionize how you walk. To bring this exciting and important innovation to market, Zikto plans to raise $100,000 in their Kickstarter campaign launching November 11, 2014 for a duration of 40 days.

“The simple device provides more benefits than any other wearable technology on the market […] at a price point people can afford. Most people don’t have the proper posture when they walk, as something as simple as looking at your phone causes you to slouch,” says Ted Kim, CEO.

So you think you can walk

Walking is the simplest, most beneficial form of exercise for people of all ages. However, poor posture caused by a number of different factors depletes walking from all its benefits. Arki restores healthy walking posture using tools that other products on the market simply do not offer. The deceptively simple-looking, attractive device provides walking posture adjustment, body balance analysis, biometric authentication and an activity and fitness tracker.

Healthy walking posture means walking with head erect, looking ahead; keeping the spine stretched and shoulders square; swinging bent arms and taking measured steps – a shorter stride keeps the body balanced. However, most people look down as they walk, shoulders slouched, arms hanging still, staring at smartphones.

Arki tracks the user’s arm swing to detect good and bad walking habits. Real-time feedback is a reminder to maintain good walking habits throughout the day. Swing speed, rotation angles and transferred vibration from the feet are measured to help Arki provide detailed data to help people improve their walking habits. Arki’s smartphone app highlights body imbalances and cleverly recommends personalized exercises to correct them.

“Arki can drastically improve our walking habits, which will have long-term benefits for our health. People with poor posture can have sore muscles, spinal curvature and constriction of nerves and blood vessels. By focusing on our walking habits […] we can reverse the potential consequences of our current poor body habits,” explains CEO Kim.

What competition?

Arki is a feature-packed product that outshines its competitors. With features including walking and posture adjustment, biometrics, Sleep Pattern Analysis, Body Balance Analysis. It is even compatible with smart thermostats and more, Arki offers consumers the  benefits of wearable tech at an affordable price. Kickstarter pre-order offers backers the first look at this game-changing health technology.

Zikto has previously won funding through several competitions in South Korea to create this game changing innovation. The wearable tech startup is located at D.Camp (Dream Bank), the hub of Korea’s startup ecosystem, benefitting from the its quality infrastructure and talented, passionate community. Zikto currently has six patents and a trademark registration on their innovative wearable technology.

For more information about the startup, please visit


2700 Rose Ave. Ste K, Signal Hill, CA 90755.

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