Back Bends & Chest Openers: A Workshop at Studio Blue Yoga

Back Bends to Extend the Spine & Expand the Mind

Saturday, September 20th 2-4pm for $35


Goal of this Workshop:

Safely explore deeper back bending postures

Retrain postural habits for long term spine health



30-min anatomical theory

90-min yoga therapeutic practice.



Components of a healthy spine

Variations of yoga poses to get in and out of back bends safely

Techniques to support a healthy spine throughout the day 


About: Jennifer Kruidbos 


Named as one of Montreal’s 2014 top ten yoga teachers, Jennifer Kruidbos, teaches comprehensive alignment-based hatha yoga in studios, hospitals, offices, schools and homes. She is known for her warm demeanour and extensive knowledge which makes her students feel safe, relaxed and at ease.

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