First National “Put the World on Ice” Survey Reveals Busy Americans Not Taking Time to Enjoy Summer

Distinct City Sippin’ Styles, Gender Wars and Unique Havens for “Me Time” Set Tone for How Americans Plan to Un-plug and Re-charge This Summer

– As summer nears, busy Americans indicate in a recent nationwide survey that they will not take time off to savor the season’s slower pace, despite feeling the need to take a break and re-energize.

In fact, Americans from every region of the country are having difficulty taking a few minutes for themselves during the day, reporting that they can be found under office desks, in elevators, supply closets and stairwells, on roofs, at the zoo or enjoying an iced coffee or tea, in an attempt to steal a personal time-out in their busy schedules.

In the first “Put the World on Ice” survey, sponsored by Keurig and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (GMCR), more than 3,000 respondents living in major metropolitan areas* reveal the creative lengths they are currently taking to accomplish a little “me time,” underscoring that when an extended vacation is not in the plan, something as simple and refreshing as an ice cold brewed beverage can reinvigorate Americans to get through the day.


Putting the World on Ice

Overall, Americans struggle to take a break and re-charge.

Nearly 7 out of 10 Americans (67% of nationwide respondents) are not able to make time for themselves at least once a day.

More than half (64% of nationwide respondents), will keep this frenetic pace for the summer and will NOT be taking more breaks to enjoy the summer months.

Where and How America “Breaks”

At work or on-the-go, men and women alike are finding creative ways to steal away a few moments.

Approximately 1 in 6 survey respondents take their 10 minute daily break in the office bathroom, with the office closet the second place preference.

40% of nationwide respondents believe a freshly-brewed iced beverage increases productivity more than a brisk outdoor walk, a power nap, or even a personal day.

This national survey revealed a multitude of surprising habits and views regarding ways in which Americans “Put the World on Ice.” The results include city-by-city “sippin’ styles” that illuminate the restorative power of a refreshing, cold beverage on a hot, busy, summer day as well as distinct male vs. female “re-energizing habits”.

He Said, She Said/The Battle of the Sexes

Men and Women agree about one thing — they both report a need for daily solace — but part ways when it comes to how they choose to refuel. Additionally, there are striking differences in iced beverage consumption.

Men on Chilling Out Women on Chilling Out

— Recharge their batteries once a day

— Usually too busy to recharge their batteries

— Have no special place to retreat

— Generally have a special place to retreat, like a comfy bed

— Drink iced coffee/tea to relax

— Drink iced coffee to re-energize

— Prefer iced drinks in the evening

— Prefer iced drinks in the afternoon

America’s Sippin’ Style

From coast to coast and from mountains to urban valleys, survey respondents fall into one of three different “brew styles” and “beverage personality” categories:

Bustling Beverage

Brewer — Always on the

go with iced beverages

in-hand (Boston,

Phoenix, San Francisco

and Washington, D.C.)

Serene Sipper

— Cool, calm and happy

to relax with a beverage

(Chicago, Denver and

New York City)


Refresher — Enjoys

drinks on the go or on

the couch (Atlanta,

Dallas and Los Angeles)

Conclusion: “Sippin’ Styles” varied, with strong preference on time of day and taste:

Part of the Daily Grind: Almost half (47%) of those surveyed say an iced beverage is an important part of their daily relaxation routine.

Afternoon Delight: The majority (56%) prefer an iced beverage in the afternoon.

Taste Matters: Half (50%) say that the strength of the brew is a drink’s most important factor.

Always Moving: 56% grab an iced coffee while out running errands.

Brew at Home? While only one third of Americans (34%) have tried brewing iced coffee at home, with 75% claiming to make iced tea at home, there is strong interest in learning how to brew iced coffee at home.

Cost of a Coffee Shop Stop: 60% of Americans claim to spend up to $5 on an iced coffee each day, with 42% expressing that buying iced beverages away from home is too expensive.

“These survey results reveal compelling statistics on Americans’ re-energizing trends,” noted Sissy Biggers, nationally renowned lifestyle guru, who recommends Americans determine ways to incorporate “me time” into their daily routines so they can rejuvenate. “Finding time for oneself is an integral part of a balanced lifestyle and can help in being more productive,” she said. “From New York City to Los Angeles, people are seeking easy, attainable ways to incorporate restorative time into their daily routine, even if it’s just spent drinking an iced coffee or tea for five minutes.”

To learn more about how to Put the World on Ice this summer, visit or

*The 10 cities surveyed include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. More than 3,000 respondents participated in an online survey conducted in April 2012.

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