Proven Strategies for Selling a Home in a Crowded Market

With the Canadian spring housing market set to soar, increasing numbers of sellers are staging their homes to entice value-conscious buyers. 

Proven to help homes sell faster and for more money, home staging is the smart seller’s secret weapon. Canadian staging expert Shannon Weber and co-author Joanne Sanche make do-it-yourself home staging a whole lot easier with their new book, Consider It Sold: Home Staging Strategies for a Quick and Profitable Sale.

“In my business, I see firsthand how simple, inexpensive changes can dramatically improve a home’s look and feel, making it seem more spacious, contemporary, and inviting,” explains Weber. “Staging turns an ordinary home into the extraordinary, making it irresistible to value-conscious buyers.”

Consider It Sold helps homeowners through the entire staging process, offering hundreds of easy, economical tips. It details:

  • What to consider before staging, including assessing the home’s strengths and weaknesses, learning how psychology affects home sales, and budgeting time and money.
  • The complete home staging process in four steps, with checklists, photographs, and online shopping tips to help along the way.
  • Special staging considerations, such as preparing a vacant property, staging for an open house, photographing and showing the property, and maintaining a staged home while living in it.

Whether homeowners choose to do everything themselves or hire help, this book gives them the tools they need to stage, market, and sell their house successfully, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a staging professional.

“Many home sellers feel overwhelmed because so many factors affecting the sale are out of their control,” explains Sanche. “Staging their properties enables them to control a crucially important selling factor: the house’s presentation.”

Consider It Sold is available in PDF, eBook, and print format and can be purchased at and from

For further information contact:

Shannon Weber, IFO Press

Box 149, Site 600, RR 6 Saskatoon, SK

(306) 262-1912


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