Free moisture detection at your house

We’ve been wondering how our clients, both existing and potential, can benefit even more from cooperating with us. And then we decided to offer something special, that would reinforce your trust in us and make your waterproofing experience a pleasant one.

On this occasion moisture detector became our valuable investment. This is a really useful device to help us detect waterproofing problems and solve them if there are any. Moisture detector measures the level of moisture in the basement helping us choose the most suitable solution. Our moisture detector will save you time and money and give us a general picture of the situation. You will avoid unnecessary repairs and increased costs. If you want a professional waterproofing company to detect moisture in your basement, you’ll get it free of charge along with a free estimate of your basement conditions. We’ll examine every corner of your basement to detect whether it needs professional maintenance.

What else could we surprise you with? What about installing storm drains, main drains and inspecting weeping tile systems free of charge? Once you agree to complete any waterproofing project with us, you’ll get the mentioned services done at no cost at all. It will enable you to prevent serious waterproofing problems. Why not make use of such great offer?

Canadian FBR-Waterproofing is your #1 company not only because of all the great offers. We also pride ourselves for 10 years of waterproofing experience and thorough attention even to the smallest details. This way we can guarantee the results which are bound to exceed all your expectations.  House waterproofing is definitely an issue to be entrusted to professionals. Let FBR-Waterproofing Inc. take care of your house quickly and efficiently.

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