Guided Imagery, Nutrition and Exercise Children and Adults Affected by Obesity

 Guided Imagery & Nutrition Inc. (GIANINC), founded by the  only M.D. in the USA specializing in Guided Imagery, Medical Hypnosis, Nutrition and Exercise, Dr. Hillel Mazansky, announced today an innovative program to help those suffering from the effects of obesity and other ills. 

The  program starts with a  consultation and includes guided imagery (medical hypnosis), along with a personal nutrition and exercise program.

According to Dr. Mazansky, his aim in offering this consultation is to help empower persons suffering from the debilitating and life threatening effects of obesity.

He also assists patients suffering from physical and psychological conditions such as cancer, chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression and others.

Dr. Mazansky is a specialist who practices holistic non- allopathic medicine and empowers his patients “How to live a longer, healthier, happier life.” 

Dr. Mazansky’s focuses on three modalities, those being, Guided Imagery, Medical Hypnosis, Nutrition and Exercise. Dr. Mazansky purports he is better positioned to assist patients to follow his treatment protocols, having had forty five years of traditional medical practice.

When asked what his specialized trilogy of treatment makes him stand out from the competition, Dr. Mazansky points to fact that persons in the 21 century are searching out more holistic forms of healthcare rather than traditional forms of medicine.

“My aim is always to help my patients eradicate their physical and psychological issues and help them regain their good health, happiness and longevity,” he said.

Dr. Hillel Mazansky, born and bred in Johannesburg South Africa, graduated from the University of Pretoria with an M.B.B.Ch. (M.D. equivalent) in 1966. Following as successful internship and military service obtaining the rank of first lieutenant while serving in the Medical Corps, he went on to work in various hospitals in order to obtain further training in ObGyn and surgery. While developing his practice in Johannesburg, he returned to the University of Pretoria Medical School and following three years of intensive study,  obtained a Master’s Degree in General Practice & Family Medicine. Dr. Mazansky is a member of the American Psychotherapy & Medical Hypnosis Association, a listed member on He’s also a past Chairman of the Cleveland Academy of Family Physicians, a district director of the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians and a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He served as director of the Physicians Division of the Jewish Federation in Cleveland, OH, and has had the privilege of serving on many boards and has held offices in many professional societies. Dr. Mazansky currently sends out weekly internationally read health tips to inform people of up to date news and trends in nutritional, guided imagery/medical hypnosis, and exercise programs. To sign up for Dr. Mazansky’s Weekly Health Tips, go to 

For further information, please contact: Hillel Mazansky M.D., President and CEO, 858 320 0021, or visit

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