Vancouver Invisible Braces Provider Explains Why Mouth Guards Are Important

– School is starting up this month, which means athletic events are just around the corner. Protecting the mouth during orthodontic treatment may lower the risk of injury.

Research has shown that dental injuries are common in contact sports and recreational activities. Anyone participating in these events can be at risk for sustaining dental injuries during sporting activities, according to the American Dental Association website.

Dr. Aly Kanani, a Vancouver invisible braces specialist, offers custom mouth guards for all athletes. Patients can prevent jaw injuries, cuts to the mouth and chipping teeth by wearing a mouth guard.

“Patients should take the appropriate measures of protecting the teeth, in order to keep treatment running smoothly,” says Kanani, who also provides children’s braces. “An injury to the mouth may slow the treatment tremendously.”

Choosing the correct mouth guard can be just as important as wearing one, and Kanani, an orthodontic dental treatment expert, discuss three types to choose from.

This form comes ready to wear. They may be cost-effective and are available at many sporting goods stores.

Boil And Bite
This type is made from a thermoplastic material. These mouth guards could be placed in hot water to be softened and then shaped around the teeth.

“The boil and bite mouth guards are not recommended if the patient has braces,” says children’s orthodontist Kanani. “It may get stuck on the braces and could pull the brackets off the teeth.”

Custom-fitted mouth guards can be a more expensive route. Impressions are made of the teeth, and the mouth guard is formed over the model. This option can provide the most comfort and protection.

Athletic mouth guards can provide protection while undergoing orthodontic treatment. The teeth should be protected during this fragile time.

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