Comfort and Ergonomics Are Paramount in Hospitality Furniture Design, says Lima Europe

The ergonomics of the seating areas in hotels, bars and restaurants is often neglected in favour of style, or quantity over substance according to commercial interior designers, Lima Europe. Although hospitality establishments must be striking and create a welcoming environment, comfort is an essential factor and discomfort, especially when eating or relaxing with a drink, can determine whether a customer will return or not.

The choice of furniture dramatically affects the feel of a space, especially in a hotel lobby or restaurant where there are large areas of seating and is usually the first place a customer will see. In general, more practical and durable furniture, which is often less attractive and uncomfortable is chosen, but with a little more thought and advice from a professional, requirements of practicality, beauty and comfort can all be met.

When working with clients, London interior designers, Lima Europe, carefully consider the different functions and areas in which to place furniture to create an atmosphere tailored to the establishment. In addition, Lima has the capabilities of manufacturing its own furniture designs so restaurants, bars, hotels or other businesses can present exciting, stimulating and above all comfortable environments that will stand out amongst the competition.

Co-founder of Lima Europe, Zoltán Madosfalvi, said: “The ergonomics of seating areas is a key factor in the design of a room but also in the atmosphere that is created. Whether customers are waiting in an area for a few minutes or eating a four course meal, they will often form assumptions about the business on small factors, such as the height of tables or the legs not getting in the way. Issues such as these are often overlooked but can be avoided by employing brave designs and taking time in finding or commissioning the right furniture for the business.”

Alíz Ördög, Zoltán’s interior design partner at Lima, added: “There is no substitute for beauty and style when it comes to customers raving about a place to their friends and word of mouth referrals is something that every business wants. Outstanding design may look simple but professional input for a customised concept, the sourcing of remarkable furniture, or as with one of our services, bespoke furniture design, can be the difference between a ‘really nice’ and an ‘absolutely stunning’ place to visit.”

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