Texture is as important as colour for a lasting look, according to Lima Europe

When renovating and redecorating any space, from a large business premises to the smallest of bedrooms, colour is often the primary discussion point but according to the London interior designers at Lima, using a range of textures can create longevity in the style.

Within just one decade, mixed colours and prints can go off-trend, resulting in a dated look sooner than it should so considering a mixture of textures in tones of the same colour can be the answer to finding a high fashion space with a lasting look. Whether a business or individual has employed UK interior designers or are tackling the project themselves, the resulting look and feel of textures such as fur, leather, silk and wood can be more striking than an equivalent fusion of colours.

By utilising different, and perhaps unusual, materials side by side in a room, not only does it provide a feeling of depth to the space and create interesting levels of focus for the eye, it also encourages interaction; whether smooth, rough or furred textures create a tactile environment that people naturally want to explore with their eyes and hands.

Zoltán Madosfalvi, co-founder and managing director of Lima Europe, said: “People often take texture for granted but the materials used are an integral part of creating an overall design concept. If a range of textures are used within a limited palette of colour, as time passes, individual items of furnishings and accessories can be added or replaced ensuring a long lasting look without the need for total redecoration.

“Tactility and the use of varying materials is also a subtle way of displaying an individual’s or a business’ personality. In addition, when it comes to a company’s premises, using texture adds to the psychological effect of a room for both staff and customers and Lima firmly believes that the construction and interior design of a space impacts on productivity and marketing of a business.”  

If you are searching for commercial interior designers to help transform your business premises or are considering refurbishment at home, please visit www.limaeurope.co.uk or telephone 0207 884 0504.

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