NetCare Ambulance Goes Paperless With WebMedicPro

– WebMedicPro, developer of WebMedicPro ePCR software, announced today that  NetCare Ambulance in Inez KY has chosen WebMedicPro turnkey system for their medics to manage run reports. 
WebMedicPro offers paramedics an easy-to-use Tablet to digitally fill out the run report when EMTs respond to a call for service.  The tablet is an all-in-one turnkey patient care reporting (ePCR) system that operates both online and offline. 

“It’s been a great move for us,” said Terry Fraley. We always look for ways to better serve our community and our clients.  WebMedicPro has helped our employees’ performance and switching from paper to an all-digital platform has improved our response times considerably”.

WebMedicPro offers an all-in-one EMS Tablet that is a filed-ready instrument.  “We consider our solution as a field instrument – no different than a Defibrillator, EKG monitors, or any other tool EMTs use to track and monitor their patients’ care” says Hadi Shavarini CEO of WebMedicPro”.

WebMedicPro is integration-ready.  It integrates with CAD systems, Billing Software and other systems.  “One of the reasons we chose WebMedicPro is that it seamlessly exchanges data with  EDImis, our Billing software.  WebMedicPro has streamlined our billing and made it much more efficient” Says Terry Fraley. 
“Our goal is to provide the EMS industry with a technology solution without any IT overhead” says Hadi Shavarini.  “Unlike other software providers whose solution requires massive investment in hardware and IT infrastructure, we offer a user-friendly field instrument.  We believe paramedics don’t have to become technologists of geeks to save lives, they just need a reliable instrument”.

“The paperless system was customized entirely to fit our operation workflow and allows our paramedics to gather more information than they did on the written form,” Fraley said. “It’s more thorough, errors and missing information are detected automatically at time of data entry, kicking reports back to the paramedic for revision has reduced returns and has expedited our billing significantly.  We are very pleased with the final outcome”.

About WebMedicPro: WebMedicPro is a premier EMS software design and development firm located in Waltham, MA. The company’s mission is to market the most advanced, and most cost effective web-native ePCR system for the EMS industry. .

About NetCare: The mission of Net Care Ambulance is to provide exceptional, reliable patient care to the communities we serve. Established in 1998, NET Care Ambulance, a private family-owned service, has grown to become a highly respected leader for pre-hospital patient care. Located in rural Eastern Kentucky, NET Care Ambulance prides itself on utilizing the highest standard medical equipment with aggressive medical direction and employing outstanding individuals who truly care about those they serve.

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