Microcurrent Facial Stimulation – Rejuvenate Your Skin With The Non-Surgical Facelift

Oprah & Dr. Phil express that Microcurrent is the greatest new result oriented alternative to plastic surgery. The non-surgical facelift!

What is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent Stimulation is a cell rejuvenation system based on the research conducted in London and Oxford Universities after the Nobel Winning discovery that the cell membrane has electricity. Microcurrents have the ability to communicate with the body. By using a very low electrical intensity of microcurrent, we are able to change the polarity of the cell. In In 1991, Dr. Erwin Neher & Dr. Bert Sakmann, two German scientists who won the Nobel Peace Prize in Physiology or Medicine  for their discoveries concerning the function of single ion channels in our cells,detecting subtle electrical currents in all types of cell membrane throughout the body. This study opened the way to greater understanding of the mechanism through which externally applied current can affect organic functions.

How does this compare to Botox or Restylan?

Microcurrent treats your skin from the inside out. It gets rid of wrinkles instead of filling them in or paralyzing them. The procedure repairs your entire complexion, not only the area treated, so your entire face looks years younger.

Expected Results:

Results are dramatic in one treatment. With an optimum number of treatments (6-12) and maintenance visits (six to eight-week touch ups) results are permanent. brings back the freshness and glow of your natural beauty. Oprah & Dr. Phil express that Microcurrent is the greatest new result oriented alternative to plastic surgery. The non-surgical facelift!


NeurotriS SX Series machines are based on scientific and clinical data for electrostimulation using new patented technologies to achieve facial rejuvenation. The system focuses its energy at a cellular level enhancing the normal body’s processes for rejuvenation. Microcurrent builds new tissue; stimulates/lifts sagging muscles and gives you younger looking glowing skin. Within weeks, wrinkles will disappear. Two years prototype testing proved tuned Specific Frequency multi-channel low level energy with constant wave technology yielded a 350% increase in performance with immediate, longer lasting results when tested against single channeling microcurrent systems.

A number of investigators have found that under the influence of low frequency microcurrent, cells are capable of de-differentiation. Mature, fully differentiated cells are able to retrogress to an embryonic form, and re-differentiate into whatever cell types are needed for complete regeneration. In order to regenerate, the cell needs a certain amount of energy. The total energy of the cell can be estimated chemically from the amount of ATP (adenosine triphosphate.

How do cell regenerate?

This molecule is the basic energy source of all cell activities, including protein synthesis such as Collagen and Elastin and the synthesis of DNA. ATP also serves a direct vital function in the active transport mechanism known as the sodium pump that is responsible for the movement of sodium, potassium, and calcium across the cell’s membranes. When the pump is not functioning, cellular metabolic waste builds up in toxic concentrations while the cell is starving. Several studies have shown a significant increase of ATP up to 500% with low intensity microcurrent stimulation, under 1,000 microamps.

Modern microcurrent therapy has simplified the method of the acupuncturists who twists needles to drain the excess electric charge from tense or inflamed tissue, Cultured Cells from isolated tissue studies have provided compelling evidence that the intracellular rates of ATP production (energy in the cells) protein synthesis and DNA replication are increased as a result of direct electrical stimulation of human fibroblasts. Other studies have demonstrated that the effects of microcurrent in accelerating healing of bone, tendon repairs and collagen remodeling.

Microcurrents through the research of Dr Voll and his colleagues have documented the following effects of micro current on the facial rejuvenation. Research & trial have revealed that electric currents as much as 1000 times smaller than that of all the traditional physical therapy modalities can be far more successful in achieving the following benefits:

• Tonicity of elastic fibers
• Restoration of polarization of the nerves
• Stimulus of ATP function

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