Cambridge Life Solutions Saves Canadian from a Life Drowning In Debt

Cambridge Life Solutions Saves Canadian from a Life Drowning in Debt.

We have all heard the term “drowning in debt”, for Pietro, a Canadian living in British Columbia those words held all too true.  Pietro owed over $42,254.65 and after making minimum payment upon minimum payment he knew he needed help.  Based on the rate he was going it would have taken him over 29.32 years to pay back this debt and he would have paid back over $88,788.72 in principal & interest. 

Pietro called Cambridge Life Solutions a debt negotiation company which helps consumers negotiate and settle their debt for a fraction of what they owe.  Pietro made the call and spoke with a debt consultant who arranged a plan that fit into Pietro’s budget and savings plan focused on getting him debt free.  He joined Cambridge Life Solutions debt negotiation program and in less than 6 months Cambridge Life Solutions had negotiated offers with his creditors from $42,254.65 down to $11,700.00 as payment in full.  Cambridge Life Solutions saved Pietro over $30,554.65 and a lifetime of paying interest on his debt. 

The public may be able to view a samplings of actual settlement offers achieved by Cambridge Life Solutions for their clients by visiting their website at



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