Sleep Apnea Appliance Offered by Ottawa Dental Implants Provider

Dr. Pamela Li, an Ottawa dental implants provider, now offers the Moses oral airway dilator to address sleep apnea and snoring. The two-part design of the device ensures that it feels comfortable for patients; it lets them talk, drink, and open wide.

“Other technology has been developed to prevent sleep apnea,” says Li, an Ottawa emergency dentist. “However, many devices aren’t very comfortable and maintain the tongue in an awkward position. They do not encourage the tongue to stay in a forward position.”

The issue is that discomfort decreases patients’ compliance. When patients don’t wear an apnea appliance, it cannot help treat their problems. However, the Moses appliance feels so comfortable that patients frequently forget it’s in their mouth minutes after inserting it.

The Ottawa family dentistry explains that the device encourages the lower jaw to stay in a forward position and prevents the tongue from collapsing into the airway. The appliance’s open anterior design leaves space available for the tongue. “The appliance’s one-of-a-kind combination of tongue management and mandibular placement creates a subconscious desire to keep the tongue in the most beneficial location,” notes Li, an Ottawa tooth whitening dentist.

Since the appliance holds the tongue up near the hard palate, it also enhances air flow into the nose. It hinders muscle activity while the patient sleeps, decreasing or preventing the clenching and grinding of patients’ teeth.

“Patients see an enormous change in how they feel when they use sleep apnea devices,” observes Li. “They begin experiencing superior sleep and are more energetic all through the day. At their next appointment, they say how much more energy they have.”

Every Moses apparatus is created for a particular patient. Li, an Ottawa laser dentistry provider, gives the laboratory specifications about how widely the lower jaw should open or move forward. Then the lab pre-sets the appliance to those measurements. Every device is adjustable, explains Li, who practices general dentistry. Ottawa, ON and Canada as a whole have no laboratories make the apparatus yet. Li’s Moses devices are fabricated in Washington state.

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