Mavenlive Offers Physiotherapy Exercises Software-Only Module

 – Prognition Corp., the company that produces Mavenlive physical therapy documentation software, is offering the exercise prescription portion of the application as a stand-alone module.

Now physical therapy clinics can purchase Mavenlive’s complete physiotherapy software package, which includes documentation, exercise prescription, documentation, reports and letter generation, or they can purchase just the prescription module for physiotherapy exercises, says Dr. Jay Winburn, Prognition’s president.

“The goal behind splitting into smaller modules is that it will allow users whose primary need is exercise prescription to be able to get up and running with this aspect of the software quite easily,” Winburn says. “The application will appear simpler and the learning curve will be quite short.

The new exercise prescription software -only module will be targeted to easily allow therapists to search for exercises and assign them to a patient. They have the option of emailing or printing the rehabilitation exercise prescriptions for their patients.

The users can master the application one area at a time. Once they are comfortable with one area, it will be easy to explore a new area where Mavenlive rehab software can also provide value to their clinic.

“Therapists can choose to learn the application in digestible-sized chunks,” Winburn says.

Mavenlive will focus on allowing users to do exercise prescription, documentation and letter generation on their own, but make it easy for Mavenlive users to eventually integrate all three as a seamless system.

“When Mavenlive is used to its full potential, each area feeds into the next,” he says. “The documentation drives the exercise prescription, then both pump into the correspondence. You end up with a 1+1 = 3 scenario. When used as a whole system, that’s where it really flexes its muscles and really shines.”

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To learn more about Mavenlive and its usefulness in prescribing physical therapy assessment, or to schedule a free trial, call (866) 996-2836 or visit the company’s website:

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